Patch 3.2.0 comes to StarCraft II along with Nova Covert Ops

The first episode of Nova Covert Ops is now available.

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From Blizzard:
Nova Covert Ops

In the first of the three mission packs of Nova Covert Ops you will assume the role of Nova Terra. As Nova, you'll strategize against the Defenders of Man and help Emperor Valerian Mengsk restore peace and unity to the Dominion. You'll be met with unique challenges that will require you to customize your equipment, select special army upgrades, and utilize powerful psionic ghost abilities to work your way through each mission to victory. All three Nova mission packs are expected to release on or before December 1, 2016. You do not need to own StarCraft or StarCraft II to jump into Nova Covert Ops.

In addition to Nova Covert Ops, patch 3.2.0 includes a new co-op mission map, Chain of Ascension, updates to automated tournaments, patching improvements, matchmaking changes, and a variety of UI improvements and general bug fixes. Check out the official patch notes for full details.

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