Soviets cruise into World of Warships

A new tech tree with Soviet cruisers has been added to World of Warships as part of update 0.5.4.

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If you're looking to become a scourge of the seas then Soviet cruisers have the speed and firepower to make that a reality. They're not the type of vessel you want to rush into battle with—that's a good way to get yourself sunk. Soviet cruisers are sneaky snipers. Their long firing distance and trajectory allow them to sit back, keeping themselves from danger, while raining shells from afar. Their rapid nature makes them extremely versatile. You can scoot out of danger and reposition yourself to the ebb and flow of battle, so be sure to sharpen those tactics.

"We started developing the Soviet cruiser branch over two years ago," said Artur Plociennik, World of Warships Global Publishing Producer. "We spent a lot of time getting these vessels as authentic as possible, and we can't wait for players to head into battle and take full advantage of their great speed and firepower."

This new branch includes the Project 26 Kirov cruiser, a vessel with the size and speed of a light cruiser, but sporting the weapons of a heavy cruiser. Kirov's unique armaments mean you'll find nothing else like it in World of Warships. Project 66 Moskva, a vessel which only existed in blueprint form, was envisioned to take on the USS Des Moines. Now you can make that battle a reality.

To get the most out of Soviet cruisers, it's not all about speed and firepower. Without the tools under the hull, you're not taking full advantage of these beasts. Radar is a great new tool at higher tiers, because it lets you spot enemies roaming the seas out of sight.

So, what are you waiting for? Action Stations!

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