Capcom to host Street Fighter V tournaments at Wizard World cons

Wizard World
Street Fighter V tournaments will be held at Wizard World cons this year, beginning in Portland, OR on February 19th though February 21st.

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From Wizard World:

Event attendees can visit the Capcom free play area at Wizard World Gaming shows to play Street Fighter V. Additionally, at the main event stage, gamers can compete in a tournament for $3,000 in cash as well as other prizes, with the action streamed live online for a global audience.

"With the much-anticipated release of Street Fighter V on February 16, we are excited about having Capcom on board as we roll out our gaming shows across the country," said John Macaluso, CEO, Wizard World, Inc., "Wizard World live events will be a prime place for both established pros and casual gamers to square off head-to-head amongst their peers, gaming influencers and TV and film celebrities."

Wizard World Gaming Portland kicks off a season-long series of gaming-focused events which will coincide with Wizard World comic con shows throughout 2016 in the following additional cities: St. Louis (April 1-3); Minneapolis (May 6-8); Philadelphia (June 2-5); Sacramento, Calif. (June 17-19); Columbus, Ohio (July 29-31); Orlando, Fla. (August 5-7); Chicago (August 18-21); Austin, Texas (September 23-25); and Pittsburgh (Nov. 4-6).

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