Marvel Puzzle Quest unleashing Phoenix

D3 Go
Phoenix is coming to Marvel Puzzle Quest as a new 5-star character.

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From D3 Go:

The Phoenix rises in Marvel Puzzle Quest! D3 Go! introduces Phoenix (Jean Grey), an all-new 5-star character coming soon to Marvel Puzzle Quest. Among the character's abilities, player can unleash Phoenix Force that deals massive damage to both the enemy team as well as her allies. Players will have the opportunity to add this powerful character via Legendary Packs starting on November 12th.

Additionally, D3 Go! unveils Command Points, a new feature that allows players to see their progression in the game and obtain those highly powerful 4-Star and 5-Star characters. Command Points are earned through various activities/accomplishments in the game. As players accumulate 25 coins, they will have a chance to obtain 4-Star and 5-Star characters via a Legendary Token. Command Points will be added to the game on November 5th. To celebrate this new feature, D3 Go! will be giving out Command Points to all players who have played the game since October 26th.

For more information on Phoenix and Command Points, check out's interview with D3 Go! producer Joe Fletcher that went live today:

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