Devil May Cry: 3142 Graphic Arts now in stores

UDON Entertainment
The artwork book Devil May Cry: 3142 Graphic Arts is now available.

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From UDON Entertainment:
3142 Graphic Arts


This 224-page artwork archive collects material from all four classic Devil May Cry games as well as the Devil May Cry anime series.

Inside you'll find character models, weapon designs, creatures, locations, rough concepts, and exclusive tribute illustrations. Also included are over 25 pages of exclusive interviews with the developers and artists behind the long-running series, as they discuss character origins, difficulties, their favorite series moments, and much more. The book also features detailed creator commentary and rough sketch notes throughout every chapter, where you'll get the real scoop on the creation of Vergil, Nero, Trish, all your favorite enemies, and the legendary devil hunter himself - Dante.

Whether you've been a fan of the Devil May Cry series since its launch on the PlayStation 2 or just joined the fandom with the recent release of Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, this gorgeous art book will take you deeper into the world of Devil May Cry than ever before.

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