Silver Surfer riding into Marvel Puzzle Quest

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Silver Surfer, the first five-star character for Marvel Puzzle Quest, will be added to the game on September 10th.

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From D3 Go:
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer

Marvel Puzzle Quest - 5-star Characters/Silver Surfer FAQ

How do you earn Silver Surfer and future 5-star characters?
You can earn 5-star characters via the brand new Legendary Packs. These packs will contain only 4-star characters and better. The odds will consist of 90% 4-star characters and 10% 5-star characters (however, only 5% until we release the second 5-star character).

How many 5-star characters will be coming to Marvel Puzzle Quest?
We plan for three 5-star characters by November and even more after that.

How strong will 5-star characters be in Marvel Puzzle Quest?
5-star characters will be good to go out of the gate. Meaning where 3 and 4 stars may need 8 - 10 covers before it's ready to shine, the 5-star characters will be leading your rosters after just receiving one or two covers. Now that will be something that every roster can use!

Will 5-star characters be available for purchase?
5-star characters can't be purchased. They are set-up to be epic and rare and developing these characters will be a long term goal. Players will need to collect each of the covers, and they will need an actual cover to upgrade the abilities.

Briefly tell us about Silver Surfer.
Silver Surfer is a humanoid of the race of people hailing from Zenn-la. Norrin Radd took up the mantle of Herald of Galactus in order to save his planet and can utilize the Power Cosmic, an energy that few others have wielded, much less mastered. In Marvel Puzzle Quest, the Skyrider utilizes this power to deal huge concussive blasts, creating black hole-like tiles, self-healing, and charging tiles with energy for friends (and foes) to use.

When will Silver Surfer (and 5-star characters) be available?
Silver Surfer (the first of the 5-star characters) will be available starting on September 10th.

Extra Credit - All the ways you can earn Legendary Packs are in the following ways:
 · They are the progression reward at 1300 in Versus, starting on 9/10.
 · One is added to the progression rewards in Story events, starting on 9/10.
 · One of the 4-stars in the Deadpool Daily Quest Vault is replaced with a Legendary token, starting on 9/11.
 · They are the top 100 alliance reward each season, starting in Season 19.
 · An additional season progression reward awards one at 10,000 in Season 19.
 · In Heroic and event packs: 42-packs become 40-packs plus a Legendary token.
 · And! We're adding a new mission type to Deadpool's Daily Quest. Every 5 days, there will be a very challenging face-off mission between one particular 4-star and one opponent. Beat that mission and you'll get a Legendary Pack. The first mission of this type will appear on 9/15.
 · We'll also be introducing new ways to earn Legendary packs in new features we're working on now and aren't quite ready to announce.

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