SUPERHOT hitting gamescom

SUPERHOT will be playable at the Xbox booth at gamescom 2015.

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The stylishly time-bending FPS, SUPERHOT, will be available to play during the Xbox FanFest on August 4th, and in the Xbox booth, Hall 6, Koelnmesse, Messeplatz 1 (North Entrance) throughout gamescom 2015 events in Cologne, Germany.

In SUPERHOT, time moves only when you as the player moves, giving you a precious few moments to plan your actions amid the chaos; no reloads, no health packs, and death is one bullet away.

You're not cowering behind cover while your health regenerates. You're in the thick of the mayhem, outnumbered and outgunned, grabbing the weapons of fallen enemies while dodging through a maze of slow-motion bullets.

Beginning as a project for the 7-Day FPS game jam, the SUPERHOT prototype became an instant hit. A few months later, SUPERHOT shot through Steam Greenlight and lit up Kickstarter, surpassing its funding goal in less than one day.

SUPERHOT will be playable at gamescom and is coming to Xbox One, Windows PC, Mac, and Linux in Q4 2015.

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