The Sims FreePlay gets more childish

An update released today for The Sims FreePlay expands the gameplay options for baby and child Sims.

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From EA:
Sim Kids

This latest update to The Sims FreePlay gives little Sims the ability to crawl, the potential to fall as they take their first wobbly baby steps and the opportunity to create mischief at the dining table, creating more responsibility for parents than ever before. Play as the parents learning how to care for little ones on the fly or control the infants themselves as you cry out for mommy and daddy's love and affection!

Below is a list of some of the great new features available in this update:

• Nanny Knows Best Quest - Simmers can get to know their bundles of joy when the babies begin crying out to be carried, bounced, fed and much more!

• Musical Expression Hobby - Find out how clever your Sims' babies are by helping them express their inner musician.

• Toddler Finger Painting Hobby - Complete the Finger Painting hobby as a toddler, unlock the new Greatest Pop-Up book so and fill Sims' homes with works of art created by their little genius.

• Super Toddler Secret Mission Quest - Toddlers can take their imaginary friends on an adventure as they explore their hero side in the Super Toddler Secret Mission quest, blasting off on August 13.

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