Help charity by buying Napoleon: Total War for 200 cents

Napoleon: Total War will be available for 200 cents through June 22nd to mark the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and raise funds for Walking with the Wounded.

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From SEGA:

To mark the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, NAPOLEON: Total War will be available for 200 cents on the Humble Store from June 18th-22nd.

In conjunction with ‘Waterloo 200', the official body supporting the commemoration of the battle's bicentennial, proceeds will be donated to their chosen charity, ‘Walking with the Wounded'. Raising funds for the re-education and re-training of wounded service men and women for new careers outside the Military, you can find out more about Walking with the Wounded here:

The Battle of Waterloo itself was a momentous event in history, a turning point that that fundamentally altered the geopolitical and economic fortunes of the world. Bringing an end to wars that had wracked the European continent, the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte as Emperor of France lead to an era of relative peace and prosperity.

The classic NAPOLEON: Total War, is a formidable example of the award-winning series, charting key events of Napoleon's campaign across Europe and includes the epic Battle of Waterloo itself. Take your turn at recreating, or changing history yourself.

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