Your Wii can now Pimp Your Ride

Activision today announced that it has shipped Pimp Your Ride for the Wii.


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From Activision:

It's time to grab your Wiimote and race through the free-roaming environments of Pimp City in MTV's Pimp My Ride video game, available now for the Nintendo Wii from Activision, Inc. The game combines high-RPM racing with outrageous car customization and allows players to roll with MTV host and hip-hop star Xzibit on a quest to transform broken down hoopties into pimped out dream machines.

Here bling is king and speed is everything. Players step into the role of modification master, picking out unique customizations and hooking up everything from tires and rims to bumpin' subwoofers and flat panel TV's to transform busted beaters into pimped out masterpieces. Put your style skills to the ultimate test in the garage, and then take to the in the streets for high speed racing to gain priceless bragging rights and credibility in the five unique boroughs of Pimp City . Players will use the Wiimotes to take on high speed challenges, navigate open environments, and show off their flossed out rides from New Wave Beach to the Hip-Hop Heights.


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