Marvel Puzzle Quest takes on Ultron

Marvel Puzzle Quest is launching its Avengers vs. Ultron game event on April 24th.

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From D3Publisher:

Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron film is coming to theaters next week on May 1st and Marvel Puzzle Quest is celebrating by letting players take part in a brand new in-game event titled Avengers vs. Ultron starting on Friday, April 24th. The event is the first Boss Battle event in Marvel Puzzle Quest where players wage war against Ultron, the murderous android who was accidentally given sentience by the Avengers and is causing serious destruction.

Today's event is the first of two runs leading up to the film launch. Each run will last 2 ½ days and players will battle against Ultron for the chance to earn Scarlet Witch in the first run and Iron Man: Hulkbuster in the second run as in-game prizes.


 · Alliance Specific Leaderboards - Rather than competing against a global Leaderboard, Boss Battles are Alliance specific. This means each Alliance has their own Score Target representing Ultron's HP to deplete, and players must work together to defeat Ultron before the event ends.

 · Alliance Score Target Representing Ultron's Health - Rewards are shifted out of Placement Reward and put towards completing the Score Target, mission completion drop tables, and Progress Rewards.

 · Giant Central Mission Pin Featuring Ultron - When players win a fight against the Ultron pin, players contribute towards a Score Target, which represents Ultron's total health. Unlike past Score Targets, this is Leaderboard specific rather than Global. The Ultron pin becomes locked, and placed on a cool down.

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