Total War: Attila facing a Celtic invasion

The Celts Culture Pack DLC will be coming to Total War: Attila.

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From SEGA:

As the skies darken, Rome's grip on the Britannic isles weakens. The native tribes sense that their hour of emancipation is at hand; the time is right to expand their rule by axe and fire. From the mists at the very edge of the world, the Celts rise!

Playable for the first time in Total War: ATTILA, the Celtic tribes of the Ebdanians, Caledonians and Picts specialize in swift and deadly warfare. Every unit in the Celtic roster has the Guerrilla Deployment trait, enabling them to deploy almost anywhere on the battlefield - even behind enemy lines.

The Celts offer a unique play-style focused on raiding, looting and sacking. Each faction benefits from its own unique traits, but all share Celtic cultural traits that vastly increase their income from these activities. An all-new Celtic roster is available for recruitment, alongside new units unique to each faction.

With new objectives, skills, tier-5 buildings, ancillaries and a new narrative event-chain, the Celts Culture Pack, features a huge array of new content for ATTILA players. An exact release date for the Celts Culture Pack will be announced at a later time.

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