New careers for The Sims

The Sims Studio
A free update for The Sims 4 released today adds business and athletic career paths to the game.

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From The Sims Studio:

Bust out those brief cases and lift up those barbells. We're excited to introduce four all-new career paths in The Sims 4 today that will expand on the stories players can create, control and share.

In this free game update, players will experience entirely new career-related content with the addition of Business and Athletic careers. Each career branches into two new paths. Sims who dream of a life filled with power and wealth have the option to become an Angel Investor or Business Tycoon. Or Sims aspiring to live a life of health and fitness can strive to become a Hall of Famer or Mr. or Ms. Solar System.

With each career, Sims will be given specific outfits that change throughout their careers and will unlock unique objects and interaction rewards. Sims looking to fast track their careers can also take advantage of new chance cards. Will Sims take the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder quickly or stay the course and show loyalty to their current employer? In addition, by playing through these careers, players will unlock four career-reward rooms that can be found in Build Mode.

Also, in time for the holidays, The Sims 4 is gifting players a special Holiday Celebration Pack filled with holiday-themed objects, d├ęcor and clothing to get their Sims in the festive spirit. Players can redeem The Holiday Celebration Pack for free in-game or through Origin.

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