Guardians will soon be guarding Marvel Puzzle Quest galaxy

The Meet Rocket & Groot episode is arriving on Marvel Puzzle Quest on November 26th.

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From D3Publisher:

Good news for Guardians of the Galaxy fans! Marvel Puzzle Quest has just announced via that the next episode event is coming on November 26th and is titled "Meet Rocket & Groot". In addition, the duo will appear in their very own Versus Tournament a couple of days later on November 28th. D3Publisher will be running the episode two times in a row where players can compete to win Thor: Goddess of Thunder in the first run and Gamora in the second run (second run starts December 1st).

Start your way to winning Rocket and Groot as a reward in the "Thick as Thieves" episode today.

Brief Character Descriptions:

• Rocket and Groot (3 Star Character) - Rocket and Groot and both considered one character in the game. A creative duo the combines arms for a damaging and possibly board controlling attacks.

o Yellow - A powerful healing ability. At low health, the team can match up Yellow AP, which then destroys Team-Up AP on the board and heals Rocket and Groot.

o Green - A smashing attack that also deals damage for each tile destroyed. Can be very damaging at higher levels.

o Blue - A Countdown tile that pushes Strike tiles onto the board. May take some time to activate but can be very destructive when used correctly.

• Gamora (3 Star Character) - Gamora is an all-out damage dealer.

o Green - Stuns two enemies and throws the limp bodies into the third, dealing damage to the enemy team.

o Red - A low AP single target damaging ability that is intended to be used multiple times during the match and goes well with Strike tiles generated by teammates.

o Black - Allows her to create Strike tiles on the board with more being generated with she has tiles bearing her icon.

As the fight winds down with Juggernaut (in the previous episode) in Central Park, the Avengers are stunned to see a spaceship cruising through the atmosphere headed right towards them. It's Rocket and Groot! Players will join Rocket and Groot as they journey on Earth as they seek out fun but end up finding themselves in the attention of evildoers including Doctor Doom, Mystique, and more. With the help of Deadpool, Wolverine, Iron Man, and others, the duo need to protect Groot's DNA from getting into the wrong hands.

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