Wasteland 2 now available

inXile Entertainment
Wasteland 2 is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux on Steam.

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From inXile Entertainment:

The sequel to the critically acclaimed smash hit Wasteland and the predecessor to the post-apocalyptic Fallout series, Wasteland 2 brings to life an alternate future history where America is just beginning to stir from the radioactive aftermath of a deadly nuclear holocaust that took place in 1998. Players must take command of an inexperienced squad of Desert Rangers - the only law left in the Arizona wastes - and set out across the treacherous landscape to help the last remaining remnants of humanity in their struggle for survival against hordes of bandits, criminals, mutants, cultists and worse - much worse.

Brian Fargo of inXile Entertainment said: "I'm very proud of the final game and the fine work the team at inXile did on Wasteland 2. It's been one helluva journey over the last few years, with this game being one of the biggest RPGs I have worked on to date and certainly the most detailed. We estimate a solid 70 hours+ of gameplay and, even at that, you will miss much of the content on your first play-through by virtue of the depth of the design. It's difficult to express just how re-playable it is. Areas, options and story lines are continually opened up and closed off based on your actions, making it almost impossible to play the same game twice. It's going to be quite entertaining for us to hear people describe their contrasting experiences online. My goal with Wasteland 2 was to over deliver on expectations for this game, and I believe we've done that. Long live the CRPG!"

Developed by an amazing team of RPG pioneers that include Brian Fargo and Chris Avellone, and with a musical score composed by the legendary Mark Morgan, Wasteland 2 is available now for PC, Mac and Linux.

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