Meow Meow Star Acres comes to Google Play

Meow Meow Star Acres is now available as a free download for Android devices.


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Available in Japan on Android and iOS in Japan since March, the popular app is already ranked third in the Top New Free Android Apps charts.

In Meow Meow Star Acres, players take on the fun, loveable life of a cat on the mystical Star Island where players customize their island while they farm, raise animals and manage their own produce store.

"We are excited to share the world of Meow Meow with worldwide audiences," said Naruatsu Baba, President & CEO. "We have been proud to see the strong response the game is enjoying in Japan and now we hope to delight everyone around the globe."

Features for Meow Meow Star Acres include:

 · Manage your island farm: Tap to select crops you want to grow; feed cows and chickens; collect eggs and milk. Enjoy the gratification of a great harvest

 · Cook a range of dishes on the farm: Mix ingredients such as eggs, honey, and milk from your farm. Follow recipes that require unique ingredients and cooking time to make ice cream, pizza, smoked ham, and more

 · Earn Stars & Coins: Fulfill orders from shoppers; gain stars (experience points) and coins as you serve your customers. Use your earnings to build, decorate and customize your island

 · Level up: As you reach new levels, unlock new food menus, crops, buildings, animals and land options. You can even get a new cat to live on your island


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