Line Knight Fortix makes beeline for iOS

Line Knight Fortix is now available on the iTunes App Store.

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From BulkyPix:

Discover an action-puzzle game that pays tribute to cult classics like Qix.

Become Sir Fortix, the bold Line Knight and go to war against infamous sorcerer Xitrof to take back your lands!

Tactics, anticipation and dexterity will be necessary to make your mark and avoid total anihilation!

Line Knight Fortix's gameplay is about moving Sir Fortix with your fingertips in four directions. Each move makes him draw a line that follows him and each time you cross your own path, you conquer the part of the map. Whatever is caught inside is yours: territory, power-ups, canons... and monsters are also killed in the process! But beware: if an enemy creature or fire crosses your line, you'll die!

Cartoony, accessible but challenging, Line Knight Fortix will captivate you!

• A Steam success and IGC finalist finally available on mobile
• A colorful universe made of Knights and dragons
• 45 levels to master trough 3 different environments
• Very accessible but challenging gameplay : strategy and anticipation will be your best weapons
• Capture strategic bonuses and allies to help you in your quest

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