World of Warcraft TCG champ crowned

Upper Deck
Upper Deck today announced that it has crowned its first World of Warcraft TCG champ.


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From Upper Deck:

Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE) is pleased to have crowned the first-ever World of Warcraft TCG World Champion, 26-year-old Guillaume Matignon of France. Matignon beat over 400 of the world's best World of Warcraft TCG combatants to claim a grand prize of $100,000 -- the biggest tournament payout in TCG history -- and the World Championship title. Guillaume finished 6-3 after the first day’s challenge and went 6-0 on Day Two, securing his place in the Top Eight, as the final player to advance to Day Three.

Runners-up for the TCG championship include 30-year-old Eric Prieur from Montreal who received $25,000 for second place, and 28-year-old Brad Watson and 25-year-old Matt Loomis, both from Chicago’s Team Camp Cheatyface, who each received $10,000 for third and fourth place, respectively. Additional prizes were given to 5th-8th place winners ($4,000 each), 9th-16th place winners ($2,000 each), 17th-32nd place winners ($1,500 each), 33rd-48th place winners ($1,250 each) and 49th-100th place winners ($1,000 each). All participants received the limited “Thunderfury” Extended Art card.

UDE also hosted the first-ever Ladies Championship Tournament, in which Jacqueline Spreadbury, of Chicago’s Team Cheatyface, battled 13 other women and won the Ladies’ World of Warcraft TCG Championship title, taking home the new Apple MacBook Pearl with a 13" monitor.

The World of Warcraft TCG World Championship was held at the San Diego Convention Center and began Friday, November 30, ending with an award ceremony on Sunday, December 2.


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