Run your own fairytale Fairy Dale on Adroid

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The free city-building sim Fairy Dale is now available on Google Play.


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From Game Insight:

This cheery, free-to-play game combines inspiration from classic fairytales and engrossing city-building strategy.

Fairy Dale is a colorful new city-building strategy game for Android in which players become the caretaker of a picturesque fantasy world. As part of the game's whimsical story, which unfolds chapter by chapter, players eventually become the mystical Keeper of the land, and must defend the realm's loyal subjects from the machinations of the wicked Gloomy Sorcerer.

In Fairy Dale, players work with the game's humorous and memorable characters to build up the land's economy with more than 40 different production buildings and more than 40 different decorative fixtures. Along the way, players will conquer hundreds of quests as they delve into an epic plot that touches on the fantastic journeys of classic fairytale heroes.

Fairy Dale offers a lighthearted and engaging game experience that includes accessible city-building strategy and a fun, fairytale storyline. This free-to-play game is completely free to play and available on Google Play. Download Fairy Dale for your Android device now!

Direct Link to Fairy Dale on Android:


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