Legend II - Fortress Wars coming to Silkroad Online

Joymax today announced that a new chapter for Silkroad Online will be available as a free download on December 18th, 2007.


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From Joymax:

The update, entitled Legend II - Fortress Wars, will give players the capability to test their mettle in massive weekly battles, fighting for dominance of the many cities lining the historic Silk Road.

Guild vs. guild combat for up to 300 players will occur every Friday, and will combine real-time strategy elements, like building defensive structures and commanding NPC troops, with fast-paced MMO combat, leaving the victors in control of a city's taxes and financial gains for an entire week. Guilds that enter the fray will have access to mighty siege engines, formidable guard towers, and fearsome monsters to aid them in battle.

"With Legend II - Fortress Wars, players of Silkroad Online will be reminded what we mean by 'massively multiplayer,'" said June K. Son, General Manager of Joymax. "This game has always offered players an open-ended means to forge their own destiny. Now, by allowing them to seize and control cities, we're letting them change the course of the entire world."


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