Dragon City hatches on iOS

Social Point
The dragon-breeding Facebook game Dragon City is now available as a free download from the Apple App Store.


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From Social Point:

This popular role-playing game lets players raise their own dragons while designing a unique home on a floating magical island. Breed dragons to create never-before-seen species, then train them into top fighting shape and challenge other players' dragons in the battle stadium. With hundreds of combinations, you never know which rare breed is going to hatch next! As the 2nd best-rated Facebook game in 2012, Dragon City on iOS is sure to delight fans of the original game, enhancing their experience by letting them grow, hatch and train dragons on the go.

Julien Codorniu, Head of Gaming EMEA at Facebook comments: "Dragon City has been a great success on Facebook, and it will also be on iOS. Over 50 million Facebook users will have the opportunity to play their favorite game on their iOS devices. We are very excited with this platform integration."

The app features 90 different species of dragons, over 160 fun goals and challenges, and fierce head-to-head dragon showdowns. Dragon City multiplayer heats up fast, with real-time PVP (player versus player) duels against dragon trainers all around the world. And just like in the Facebook game, the iOS app includes full social integration, letting players visit their friend's islands to help them out, send gifts and fight in fiery dragon duels. Social Point's games are played worldwide by over 38 million people every month, and the new mobile version opens Dragon City to a whole new audience!


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