Polara cools its heels on mobile

Hope This Works Games
The infinite runner Polara launched today for Android and iOS.


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From Hope This Works Games:

You'll need lightning reflexes and a quick mind to survive Polara's 50 challenging levels, and six different endless modes after completion, as you follow an immersive plot line to avenge the death of your father. Activate boostpads, jump through lasers, and dodge bullets by changing your color at the right time, but be careful: sometimes the most obvious color is not the right one, and the color you leave the ground with might get you killed by the time you land.

Polara features:

- 50 levels, Hours of Funóreplay modes and unlockable rewards, including six different endless modes, keep players coming back for more

- Easy-to-Learn, hard-to-master gameplayóThe unique color switching dynamic is applied in more ways than you would first think possible

- Unexpected Obstacles at every turnóColor-activated Launch Pads, Gravity Waves, Speed Platforms and more will keep you on your toes

- Dystopian future settingóRun through five high detail environments and watch full color hand-painted cut scenes as you traverse the world of the future

- Online LeaderboardóPut your money where your mouth is and compete with your friends for the top scores with Apple's Game Center.


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