Orcs & Elves now in stores

Electronic Arts and id Software today announced that Orcs & Elves has begun shipping to retail locations worldwide for the Nintendo DS.


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From EA:

Orcs & Elves is an award winning first-person fantasy role playing game created by id Software and developed exclusively for EA by Fountainhead Entertainment. Orcs & Elves is one of the first games developed specifically for the mobile platform that has crossed over to another game-specific device.

A breathtaking dungeon-crawling fantasy RPG, Orcs & Elves casts gamers as a young half-elf exploring a massive Dwarven fortress riddled with ancient treasure, powerful weapons, and waves of ruthless enemies, on a quest to expel the ultimate evil from the mountain’s core.

“Orcs & Elves is captivating on the Nintendo DS,” said Katherine Anna Kang, founder and president of Fountainhead Entertainment. “We were able to expand on the award winning original game by adding hours of new content and using the unique Nintendo DS touch screen to immerse the player into a magical world where they are the hero.”

Enhanced from the original to take full advantage of the Nintendo DS, Orcs & Elves features a new 3D engine, full 3D sound, more levels, new monsters, and much more. Players can utilize the DS touch screen to cast spells, move and attack enemies, make use of magic potions, enchanted rings, and armor, and bargain for goods.

In addition, Orcs & Elves II for mobile phones is scheduled to be released in late November on most wireless carriers, just in time for the holiday season. Orcs & Elves II for mobile continues the epic story from the original game and expands the Orcs & Elves universe. Players will encounter new creatures, allies and villains as they explore seven huge interactive environments including towns, collapsing caverns and haunted forests. As a novice thief who has stolen the legendary wand Ellon, the player must return to his under siege town before it's too late.


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