Warzone Earth arrives on PS3

11 bit studios
The strategy game Anomaly Warzone Earth is now available for download on PSN.


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From 11 bit studios:

Anomaly Warzone Earth is an action-strategy game that inverts the traditional tower defense formula. Players take command of Earth's military forces and battle an alien invasion that threatens the major cities of the world. The invaders have built huge turrets that destroy everything in their path and the player must take to the streets, leading an armored squad through cities like Baghdad and Tokyo to crush the alien forces.

Anomaly challenges players to take on the role of the squad's Commander, using special abilities and quick thinking to support the squad in its mission to crush the alien foe. The fast-paced, tactical battles carry commanders through the story campaign, two pulse-pounding Squad Assault Modes, and the PSN exclusive local cooperative multiplayer mode.


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