Knight Age launches on September 3rd

The free-to-play MMORPG will be openly playable on Monday.


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From Joymax:

The unique riding-action, 3D fantasy MMORPG is recently enjoyed a successful open beta test that launched to a global audience on August 28th. All players are encouraged to take a Knight's journey and join the action now through the Knight Age Official Website at

The 3D Fantasy MMORPG with its unique Riding-Action feature, Knight Age, first grew a loyal following when it started its closed beta test. The Knight Age community exploded in open beta with fansites forming left and right and creative guilds naming themselves "Gangnam Style" to befit the mounted battle feature. In response to the fevered interest, the open beta comes to a close and jumps straight into official release!

"We have made all the necessary changes and adjustments following our Closed Beta Test," Nam-Chul Kim, CEO of Joymax. "We spent a month before starting the Open Beta Test fine-tuning the game so now we are confident it is ready and prepared for official release."

With the official release players who joined in open beta will be able to carry their characters over. In addition, players can look forward to all-new content and events.

Unique Riding-Action Battle
Knight Age's prime feature (and the feature Facebook fans voted their #1 feature) is the unique riding-action feature where battles occur on mounts. Mounts can be raised and strengthened with skills to befit the player's taste. There was already a variety of mounts to choose from but with the official release players will find even more.

Another unique distinction in Knight Age is the Pupa. These pets will become a players trusty battle companion depending on how they are nurtured. With a variety of Pupa to choose from, they can be collected and even combined to create an even stronger Pupa. Just like the newly added mounts, players can expect additional amounts of Pupa added for the official release.

One of the overlooked features of Knight Age is its unique dungeons. With the official launch there will be even more to explore. Dungeons include not only enemies, but puzzles that require players to use both their skill and brain. As the game also includes a "looking for group" system, players can quickly gather together similar leveled allies to conquer these more challenging game sections.


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