E.L.E. Missile Defense launched on iOS

Huge Monster
The Missile Command inspired arcade shooter E.L.E. Missile Defense is now available as a free download on the Apple App Store.


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From Huge Monster:

Inspired by such classics as Missile Command by Atari, this action-packed shooter takes you on a mission to save humanity by taking control of a high-orbit defense satellite, the Aegis 1, which is a powerful tachyon accelerator capable of tremendous devastation and mankind's only hope of survival. Bring a keen eye and quick reflexes to protect the cities of earth from total annihilation by battling wave after wave of deadly alien threats. Fight against chaotic missile barrages and speedy fighter crafts from orbital attack stations to massive alien mother ships.

E.L.E. Missile Defense' was recently updated to version v1.1 by the developer and the new update includes improved and rebalanced gameplay, updated overheating system (whereby your Aegis 1 accelerator cools down quicker in the green zone), a mother ship health bar, and the ability to select from which alien-wave you wish to play when you begin the game. They did not come in peace and it's time for some payback! Help save mother earth by downloading your FREE copy of the game today!


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