Lights, Camera, Party! goes into action

Frima Studio
The party game Lights, Camera, Party! is now available for download on PSN.


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From Frima Studio:

Powered by the Unreal Engine, this unique, fast-paced PS Move party game will have friends and family jumping out of their seats to best each other in an array of zany mini-games.

Step into the shoes of the Funzini family as they play their way through a series of eccentric game show challenges in this family-friendly, PS Move title. Feed pizza to an angry dinosaur, throw bananas at a sleeping crowd of monkeys, blast cow-stealing UFOs, jump over a kiddie pool full of hungry sharks and obliterate candy-filled piņatas. All this and so much more in this unique, insanely hilarious party game for up to 8 players!

Lights, Camera, Party! features:
- A full Story Mode for 2-4 players
- Challenge Mode - single-player to unlock PSN Trophies
- 3 Crazy Party Modes: Survival, Hot Alien Egg and Lottery
- 5 playable characters
- 50 unique mini-games
- A dozen trophies and 200 in-game achievements
- Up to 8 players can compete with one PlayStation Move controller
- Unreal powered, polished 3D graphics
- Fun & wacky animations that will make the whole family laugh

"Lights, Camera, Party!is the ultimate party game for PS Move and we're thrilled to finally release it today!" said Steve Couture, CEO, Frima Studio. "Our goal with this game is to provide quality entertainment for the whole family, something accessible for the youngest and oldest members of the family, while still providing a thrill and challenge for the experienced gamers. With a huge variety of modes, mini-games and difficulty levels, there's something for everyone here."


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