Rockets are racing on iOS

Big Smash Studios
The rocket-building game Rocket Race is now available on the Apple App Store.


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From Big Smash Studios:

The idea and concept of ‘Rocket Race' is easy to understand, fun to learn, and challenging to master: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use a diverse and colorful repository of spaceship parts to build the best-ever rocket in the world, and launch it into space with the objective of going the greatest distance! Featuring 15 body styles, 10 unique engines and 10 steering fins, you have a vast collection of parts from which you can assemble your masterpiece! As you maneuver through space you can collect virtual coins that unlock items in the built-in accessory store. Boost away from the incoming UFOs and use your shield to avoid damage to your spaceship, and at all times keep a close eye on your fuel gauge! Featuring highly intuitive controls, fun and addicting gameplay in addition to Game Center support and Leaderboards with more than 20+ achievements, ‘Rocket Race' will make you feel like Neil Armstrong as you thrust thru the depths of space!


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