Hellgate: London goes gold

EA today announced that Hellgate: London has gone gold and will be available on October 31st.


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From EA:

"This has been an amazing journey for us and we couldn't be more proud of what we've accomplished," said Flagship Studios CEO, Bill Roper. "We're anxious to get Hellgate: London into gamers' hands and we can't wait to play right along with them."

And for those gamers who can't wait until Halloween to get their Demon-slaying on, Flagship Studios is releasing a singleplayer demo tomorrow, Thursday, October 18th, on AOLís GameDaily (www.gamedaily.com).

The singleplayer demo represents just a small taste of the Hellgate: London experience. Gamers can choose from two of the game's six character classes: the Blademaster, a master of swordplay and action-packed melee combat, or the Marksman, a cool, calculating, long-range specialist. In the demo, these heroes are able to battle through a small handful of storyline and side quests as they adventure through the streets and tunnels around London's Holborn Station.


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