Ascend: New Gods announced for XBLA

Signal Studios
The action-RPG Ascend: New Gods is in development for Xbox 360 at Signal Studios.


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From Signal Studios:

An ancient prophecy foretold that once the reign of the Titans had come to an end, one of the Three Gods would claim dominion over their brethren and rise to a position of ultimate power. That time has come, and now your god needs a champion. Will you rise to the challenge?

Ultimate Prestige: Pledge your loyalty to one of the Three Gods - the chaotic goddess of darkness, the zealous god of light or the manipulative lord of the void - and pillage the land on their behalf. As you crush your enemies and spread your deity's influence, other players will kneel before your rule.
Parallel Multiplayer: Play with AND against other gamers as you each journey through your own private yet parallel paths to Ascension.
Ascend: The largest rewards require the ultimate sacrifice-your character! But all is not lost, as each life dedicated to your god brings new abilities that help shape you into the ultimate Caos warrior.
Third-Person Action RPG: Behold the world as it changes dynamically beneath your feet, bowing to your growing power. As you discover the secret of defeating the Titans and secure your god's dominion over the world, you'll claim your place as a legend.
A Truly Connected Experience: Ascend: New Gods offers unprecedented connectivity across mobile and console Xbox LIVE platforms. Wage war against Xbox 360 players from your mobile phone, gain power and prestige, and transfer it all to your console - anywhere, anytime.

"We've also been exploring alternative business models for Ascend, and are really excited to have the opportunity to bring something new to Xbox LIVE," says D.R. Albright III, President and Creative Director of Signal Studios. "Ascend's combination of parallel online action and real-time connected gameplay creates an entirely unique single-player experience where you can affect other players' worlds, and they can affect yours."


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