Operation Shieldwall up next for Mass Effect 3

This weekend Mass Effect 3 will host a Multiplayer Weekend with Operation Shieldwall.


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From BioWare:

Starting this Friday, May 25 at 6PM PST, the N7 Challenge Weekend will come to a close on Monday, May 28 at 5AM PST. This Operation will be playable on Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 and PC.

Call up your friends and prepare for the upcoming Bounty Weekend with the following challenges:
- Allied Goal: Promote 50,000 characters. Successful completion of the allied goal will grant all players a Victory Pack.
- Squad Goal: Promote 3 characters. Successful completion of the squad goal will grant all squadmates a Commendation Pack.
- Special Circumstance: Due to the failure of Operation Silencer, more banshees will spawn with Reaper enemies and might also spawn with other enemies!


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