Four DLC packs planned for Akai Katana

Rising Star Games
Four Akai Katana themed DLC packs will be available this month on Xbox Live.


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From Rising Star Games:

Set to launch on May 15 in the U.S., Akai Katana combines the spirit of adventure offered through a true side-scrolling experience with the adrenaline-filled gameplay of today's bullet hell genre. Players are tasked with restoring peace and order to the world they once knew while taking on a tyrannical empire of bloodshed.

The new DLC will include two Akai Katana gamer picture packs containing 10 gamer pictures each, and two theme packs for the Xbox 360 dashboard. The complete list of DLC packs and their live dates include:
* Theme pack 1 (240 MSP) - May 7
* Picture pack 1 (160 MSP) - May 14
* Theme pack 2 (240 MSP) - May 21
* Picture pack 2 (160 MSP) - May 28


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