Buy The Art of the Mass Effect Universe, get in-game items code

Dark Horse Comics
Those who purchase The Art of the Mass Effect Universe through will receive a code to unlock a Reinforcement Pack containing in-game items for Mass Effect 3 on PC or the Xbox 360.


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From Dark Horse Comics:

Showcasing the unique and iconic art featured in the Mass Effect series, The Art of the Mass Effect Universe was released in print and digitally on February 8. Additionally, Mass Effect fans who purchase the digital version of the four-issue comic miniseries Mass Effect: Invasion at the Dark Horse Digital store will also receive a limited code to unlock a Reinforcement Pack.

Fans who gain access to the Reinforcement Packs will receive in-game items that can be used in the four-player cooperative multiplayer campaign in Mass Effect 3 on PC or Xbox 360. These packs will include powerful character boosters and the devastatingly lethal Collector Assault Rifle. With deadly efficiency, this special weapon uses the same principles as a human assault rifle, but its organic components set it apart. To learn more about how to obtain and redeem the special item code, visit


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