Heart of Rock Band Music Store is still beating

Three tracks from Huey Lewis and the News will be available in the Rock Band Music Store next Tuesday.


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From Harmonix:

With nearly 20 top-ten singles under their belt, San Francisco-based rock & rollers Huey Lewis and the News' remarkable career has spanned more than 30 years. The band made their Rock Band debut with "The Power of Love" on the Rock Band 3 disc, and now three more of the group's hits are headed to the Music Store on February 28th.

"Do You Believe in Love," from 1982's Picture This, and the band's first top ten hit, kicks off the three pack. "The Heart of Rock & Roll" and "I Want a New Drug" - both from their platinum-selling third record, 1983's Sports - round out this collection of chart-topping hits.

All songs will feature support for keyboards, with a Pro Guitar and Pro Bass upgrade available for "I Want a New Drug."


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