Jimmie Johnson races onto Wii

Autumn Games
The kart racer Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine is now available on the Wii.


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From Autumn Games:

"I really wanted to make a game with my own twist that would be fun to play with my family, but grown up enough to play with my friends and crew," said Jimmie Johnson. "Autumn Games and Isopod Labs did a great job capturing the humor and competitive feel I envisioned."

Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine allows fearless drivers to engage in elimination-style circuits across progressively challenging tracks, complete with pyrotechnics-laden theatrical sets strewn with wicked hazards, traps and jumps. The game features up to eight-player online multiplayer action on supported consoles, including ranked and private races, and up to four players in split-screen multiplayer action as racers battle for first place across the couch, around the globe, or both.

Additionally, Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine will offer future downloadable characters for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 versions of the game, including the recently announced Jimmy Fallon Add-on character. Available later this year, portions of sales of the Jimmy Fallon character will go to the American Red Cross, the nation's premier emergency response organization.

"Jimmie came to us with an incredible concept for a game and he's been great to work with," said Jason Donnell, president and COO, Autumn Games. "He's provided a lot of creative input to help Autumn Games and Isopod Labs create a really fun, competitive, arcade racing experience that everyone can enjoy."


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