Alien Spidy headed to PSN, XBLA

Kalypso Media
The platform game Alien Spidy will be available for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in mid 2012.


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From Kalypso Media:

"We are delighted to be working with Enigma, and to unveil Alien Spidy to the gaming community," commented Jonathan Hales, Managing Director of Kalypso Media Digital LTD. "Enigma's high-quality titles have been well-received, and Alien Spidy is a perfect title for Kalypso's digital product portfolio as we build our business and tailor our focus towards the ever-changing digital gaming landscape."

"We believe that in Kalypso we have a valuable partner who has been able to see the core value of Alien Spidy and what makes it unique and distinctive from other games. Together, we will be able to transform this essence into one of the most memorable game releases in 2012,' said Daniel Parente, Enigma's CEO. "Kalypso has been building a strong reputation for publishing new exciting games, and Alien Spidy is a title that will help lead Kalypso into this new age of digital-retail gaming."


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