Max brings his magic marker to PSN

PAN Vision
Max & the Magic Marker: Gold Edition is now available for the PS3 via PSN.


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From PAN Vision:

In Max & the Magic Marker: Gold Edition, players help Max platform his way through levels, overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies by using his magic marker and a freehand drawing mechanic. In a world where doodles and drawings come to life, the possibilities are only limited by your ability to stretch your imagination - draw almost any object in order to overcome challenges, from bridges to shelters to even hot air balloons!

Features of Max & the Magic Marker: Gold Edition include:
- 58 inventive and puzzling levels to scribble your way through
- 3 immersive cartoon worlds inspired by children's drawings
- Dynamic drawing capabilities with realistic physics
- Death traps, monsters, and challenging puzzles
- Unlockable challenges, secrets, and rewards to discover and achieve
- High-definition graphics in 1080p
- Compatible with Sony's PlayStation Move controller


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