Resistance 3 hits PS3

Resistance 3 is now available for the PS3 in North America.


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From Sony:

Created by acclaimed developer Insomniac Games, Resistance 3 continues to build on the strengths of the popular first-person shooter franchise by delivering a gripping storyline set in a brutal 1950's America occupied by the deadly Chimeran forces. Through the return of the fan-favorite weapon wheel, players now have access to the entire sandbox of innovative weaponry as they embark on a harrowing journey across the United States as mankind's last hope. In addition to an epic single player campaign, Resistance 3 also introduces a two-player online campaign cooperative mode, a focused 16-player progression-based online multiplayer experience, and HD stereoscopic 3D compatibility along with PlayStation Move motion controller functionality.

"For us at Insomniac, we set out to create Resistance 3 with an emphasis on player choice, allowing players to choose the way they wanted to play the game," Marcus Smith, Creative Director of Insomniac Games. "By bringing back the weapon wheel and adding weapon upgrades, in addition to customizing the multiplayer experience, we're excited to let fans create their own strategy within the Resistance universe and embark on what we feel is our most focused and cohesive title in the franchise."

Set four years after the conclusion of Resistance 2, Resistance 3 centers around the heroic survival of Joseph Capelli, the last surviving Sentinel from a clandestine military program. Capelli attempts a harrowing journey across the country from Oklahoma to New York City in a desperate bid to save his family and humanity. With the Chimeran forces slowly terraforming and cooling the planet, Capelli leaves his wife and young son behind in Haven, Oklahoma to join Russian scientist Dr. Fyodor Malikov on the trip east in an attempt to deliver a devastating blow to the occupying Chimeran forces.

Resistance 3 continues the franchise tradition of including a fully-loaded arsenal of new and unique human and Chimeran weaponry, along with the return of fan-favorites from both Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2. While iconic weapons like the Marksman have been completely rebuilt for added functionality and firepower, Resistance 3 also introduces soon-to-be classics like the Mutator and Deadeye that add new strategic elements to the gameplay. In addition to the return of the weapon wheel, a new upgradable weapon system also allows players to increase the firepower and functionality of each weapon. Additionally, Insomniac Games has re-designed the multiplayer experience for Resistance 3, with a more focused 16-player progression-based multiplayer experience that takes players to locations around the globe. With a deep, customizable progression system, players will be able to create their own progression paths through the multiplayer experience by earning and spending points to customize and upgrade their load-outs to match their own unique play style.

In addition to the single-player campaign and multiplayer modes, Resistance 3 allows players to team up with another player and tackle the campaign cooperatively in both local/split-screen and online. To deliver the most realistic visual experience, Resistance 3 is also playable in HD stereoscopic 3D, as well as compatible with PlayStation Move motion controller and the PlayStationMove Sharp Shooter peripheral. Launching alongside the standalone game, the Resistance 3 Doomsday Edition (MSRP $149.99), provides players with everything they need to start their journey across the United States: a Blu-ray copy of Resistance 3, PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Move navigation controller, the PlayStation Eye camera, and PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter.

Gamers also have a new way to interact with the Resistance universe -- the Global Resistance online multiplayer game, developed by Soap Creative in cooperation with Insomniac Games. Launched July 21, Global Resistance is a free-to-play online strategy game set amidst mankind's final stand in the Resistance universe. Players enlist as a Chimera or Human commander and take over the world to unlock exclusive Resistance 3 multiplayer skins, in-game titles and XP boosters.


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