Rabbids turn five today

It was five years ago today that the Rabbids first appeared as the nemeses of Rayman.


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From Ubisoft:

Five years of wacky and absurd humor. Five years of craziness. Five years of toilet paper. The Rabbids are five years old. Some might say that five is not that old, especially when compared to the longevity of other video game icons. We told the Rabbids that they were still young, that five years was nothing to be proud of. "Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" they answered. And they were right.

While other heroes kept fighting year after year to save the same princess in the same adventure, in the past five years the Rabbids have had all kinds of extreme experiences. They invaded Earth. They invaded the TV. They went to the moon. They travelled in time. They even taught people how to play video-games with their booty. All far more challenging stuff than saving a princess.

Meanwhile, the Rabbids also met soccer players and helped major brands explain what their products are REALLY about. They were part of the Oscar Academy Awards 2011 ceremony. They learned magic with the most powerful wizards. We heard that they might even be present for the ROYAL WEDDING...

Yes, these past five years have been very busy for the Rabbids: they sold more than nine million copies of their video games, produced more than five million collectible figurines, have been viewed by more than 50 million people on YouTube, used roughly 296,025,123 rolls of toilet paper and "bwaaaaaahed" an approximate total of 7,985,275,569 times. Only five years, and the Rabbids are everywhere, especially where no one would have expected them to be. We asked them what their plans are for the years to come. "Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah!" they answered. We couldn't have said it better.


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