Halo 3 First to Play events announced

Microsoft and Pontiac today announced that gamers will have the chance to play Halo 3 for the first time at one of two events planned in San Francisco and New York City next week.


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From Microsoft:

This announcement comes on the heels of the recent news that “Halo 3” has been completed and will be officially released on September 25. To celebrate the impending launch of the biggest entertainment event of the year, premiering “Halo 3” on the biggest screen imaginable - IMAX - seemed only fitting. Gamers in attendance will have the chance to play the recently finished game projected on the world's largest IMAX screens.

For those interested in attending, gamers are encouraged to go to www.pontiac.com/halo3 for the chance to win tickets. Space is limited for these two big-screen events so ticket holders are encouraged to arrive early to insure admittance. Receiving an event invitation does not guarantee entrance.

In addition to these "first to play" events, site visitors also have a chance to be among the first to own “Halo 3.” One thousand lucky winners will receive the highly anticipated game by September 24, 2007; one day before “Halo 3's” commercial release. For more information on both promotions, please visit www.pontiac.com/halo3.


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