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Build a robust deck of battle-cards and take your tactical skills online to challenge other players.
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Take part in the Candy War, where you must collect candies left by your opponents once eliminated.
Sugar Fright Event Trailer preview image
Nearly a century ago, Dr. Mary Somers was hired to solve a cataclysmic energy crisis. Her search for answers would take her to the edge of the universe. Before Mary left Olympus, she promised her son she’d return. But was it a promise she’d be able to keep?
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1981. The Cold War is at its peak. World powers grapple for control and a hidden threat looms.
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The story of the eighth member of the Seven Knights, Vanessa, and her ultimate magical equipment, a sentient hourglass known as Sandy.
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Explore the the untamed world of Lumios.
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John J. Rambo, the former Special Forces soldier, brings his unique fighting skills to the Mortal Kombat universe, equipped with his signature survival knife for up close encounters and compound bow for longer range targets. As an expert in hand-to-hand combat, Rambo attacks with vicious grapples and uses traps to keep his opponents guessing, combined with his brutal strength to take on any Kombatant who stands in his way.
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Zeus and Prometheus share the tale of Fenyx, a young shield bearer washed ashore on the Golden Isle.
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Discover the Eastern-African inspired region Enbesa.
Land of Lions Launch Trailer preview image
Watch Hiei’s merciless Dragon of the Darkness Flame attack and Meruem’s Nen abilities in action.
Meruem and Hiei DLC Trailer preview image
Take a harrowing journey through desolation and despair.
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Halloween takes over Neo Arcadia.
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After defeating the Khan Maykr and obliterating the reincarnated Icon of Sin, the DOOM Slayer’s fight is just getting started. Unleash your vengeance and face your greatest test as you march back to the Maykr’s realm.
The Ancient Gods - Part One Launch Trailer preview image
Escape to Mt. Komorebi for some fun in the snow.
Snowy Escape Reveal Trailer preview image
A look at the game's post-launch content plans, including what comes with the Season Pass.
Season Pass Trailer preview image
Distrust is growing even among friends - a divide that will call into question all we know. Is there more to the Darkness than we thought?
Beyond Light Story Reveal Trailer preview image
Get your own Halloween-themed pumpkin helmet, as well as oversized hats and shutter shades, and sink putts with a banana, taco, hot dog, and fish.
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A look at the lethal arsenal available to XIII.
Good Old Weapons Trailer preview image
A sneak peek of our upcoming free update and Howling Peaks DLC.
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Interaction, Matchday, Recruitment, and End of Season are the headline features in Football Manager 2021.
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Halloween comes to Warzone and Modern Warfare beginning October 20th.
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80%: 9 Monkeys of Shaolin is a solid beat’em up!
9 Monkeys of Shaolin review screenshot
Designer Stephen Richards and series creator Simon Bradbury discuss the improvements made to AI behavior in Stronghold: Warlords.
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Season 2 will focus on highlighting the NBA’s off-season and the young talent emerging in the NBA.
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Avenge the deaths of your friends and family slaughtered in a pirate raid of your peaceful village.
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