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As the adventuress Evelia Lyric, you will use Dalearch as a starting point for expeditions, where you will discover quests, assemble a party, gather supplies and relics, craft items, store loot and customize Evelia.
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Wisp is the 40th Warframe. Her light-based abilities provide support to allies, while her unique passive makes her invisible in the air.
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The race has started!
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Minecraft is coming to the real world.
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Something which had once sealed away the Elder Ones is losing its power. The balance of the world has begun to collapse.
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A hero rises as a nation crumbles. With Han dynasty blood flowing through his veins and a heart that beats only for the good of his country, Liu Bei stands unwavering against incredible odds. His foes have more money, money troops, more weapons, and more land. But Liu Bei? He has the people.
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Sean Bean reads Blake's The Little Boy Lost, illustrating Amicia's and Hugo's journey through a war-torn medieval France.
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Nokk strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who goes up against her.
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They are different. They are a swarm. They serve something greater than you could ever imagine. The Dark Elves are here and their mission is clear: They will reap the souls of the fallen and reanimate their hulls as their servants. Will you join them or will you feed their appetite for blood?
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Obsessed with beauty in all forms, there are those Toreador who would claim that their Clan only chooses the most accomplished artists of each generation - whether they wielded the brush, the pen, their voice, body or mind. It'd only be half a lie. Influencing the political, social, and cultural elite, the Toreador have been well entrenched within Seattle's power structure since its days as a pioneer settlement.
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Uncover a lost town of aristocratic Pigmen nestled within a foreboding tropical jungle.
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Varok Saurfang realizes that if he is to secure a future for the Horde, he must reach out to the one who led it in the past.
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Haohmaru is a wandering swordsman with no loyalties to any lord. This ronin loves to fight against strong opponents and puts his all into defeating anyone who stands in the way with his legendary sword Fugudoku.
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Genjuro is Haohmaru's main rival and is usually found in red-light districts and gambling parlors. Genjuro slashes and discards everything in his path with his ruthless sword. Those who enjoy living would do well to avoid him at all costs.
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90%: Shadows may only die twice, but you will die a thousand deaths.
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Samurai Shodown 101 gives longtime fans and newcomers alike a better understanding of Samurai Shodown.
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Journey with Gabriel Lorca and Ellen Landry into the past, and learn their journey to Season One of Star Trek: Discovery.
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94%: This is a plague tale that you'll want to hear.
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The Boss goes high tech in a cyber journey to Syndicate.
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You are a Ghost, an elite spec ops soldier. Put your skills to test against your toughest enemy yet - your own brothers-in-arms.
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When a single gunshot takes out the Fifth Chairman of the Tojo Clan, Kazuma Kiryu must journey to Sotenbori, Osaka, to broker peace between rivalling clans.
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Get ready to race in style.
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The Hero meets an explorer that is searching for the mythical kingdom of Atlantis, and together they set out on a journey across the western Mediterranean.
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This esteemed French swordswoman is a genuine knight who values modesty and martial arts over authority, and will protect her country at any cost. With her mighty rapier La Roche, her slashing attacks revolve around stabbing from a distance, avoiding body contact as much as possible.
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Tremere were not allowed in significant numbers throughout Seattle's history, though that has changed recently. After the fall of the Pyramid, Tremere have sought allies wherever they can find them, offering services and secrets that were once only kept to themselves. At least a few Tremere have managed to settle in the Pacific Northwest. However, not all Kindred in Seattle warmly welcome the warlocks into their city, citing historical precedent and general distrust of their ways.
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