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Comrade Black is back and so is his war on Color.
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A recon specialist, Wraith uses high tech tools to gather intel on his targets and outmaneuver his enemies.
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NHL 18 introduces new Creative Attack controls and the Defensive Skill Stick.
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Strikers level 56 and above will be able to use the Gardbrace weapon, a weapon that can temporarily produce a copy of its wielder and double the onslaught of attacks in battle.
Striker Awakening Trailer preview image
Take a journey across two continents, Ulthuan and Lustria.
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Snake Pass gets a new Time Trial mode on Switch.
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Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire in the new Teen Titans Go! Adventure World and Battle Arena.
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Red Hood joins the cast of Injustice 2 and brings along an interesting overall fighting style, but he isn't quite up to par with his comic persona.
Injustice 2: Red Hood Character (DLC) hero shot
Hit the gas on highly deformable grounds that will put even the most expert player to the test.
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The demo picks up after Chloe and Nadine have recovered a critical clue to finding the golden Tusk of Ganesh - an invaluable ancient artifact - and must navigate through the overgrown ruins of the long, lost Hoysala Empire.
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Battle through beautiful Mediterranean locales, dangerous biological weapons labs, and even high-tech moon bases as a one-man wrecking crew.
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85%: Tekken 7 delivers the cleanest Tekken experience yet so it's time to 'Get ready for the next battle' if you're a hardcore Tekken fan!
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32%: You should skip this beat.
Akiba's Beat review screenshot
75%: It cooks up a little arcade-style distraction when you're in need of a light snack.
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92%: Six decent-to-great retro platformers that aren't just for older gamers.
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Latest News

The color-themed platformer de Blob 2 debuts for the PC today on Steam and other digital platforms.
de Blob 2 brings some color to Steam news image
IBM Watson has been integrated into Star Trek: Bridge Crew to allow gamers to issue voice commands to AI-controlled crew members.
Star Trek: Bridge Crew adds IBM Watson for AI crew interaction news image
The War Games DLC for Titanfall 2 will be available for free on June 27th.
Titanfall 2 playing War Games next week news image
Battleborn today released a new 3v3 PVP game mode, Supercharge.
Battleborn gets supercharged today news image
Red Bull and the Royal Dutch Navy are partnering for a Breakaway match on a battleship.
Pro esports gamers set to play Breakaway on a battleship news image
The grenade fight game 3..2..1..Grenades! is now available on Steam.
3..2..1..Grenades dropped on Steam news image
The action RPG/MOBA Master X Master (MXM) launched into full release today.
Master X Master launched news image
Edmonton Oilers center and Art Ross Trophy winner Connor McDavid has been named the cover athlete for NHL 18.
NHL 18 unveils cover athlete news image
SEGA Forever is a line of free-to-play, ad-supported games from SEGA's classic game library.
SEGA Forever lineup of free-to-play mobile versions of classic SEGA games launched news image
The competitive show horse game HorseWorld: Show Jumping is now available for Android and iOS devices.
HorseWorld: Show Jumping leaps onto mobile news image