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Drieghan is home to several distinct areas, including the graveyard of Sherekhan Necropolis, the dragon's realm of Garmoth's Nest, the shining metropolis of Duvencrune, and more.
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The mobile RPG Seven Knights has a new story to tell on Switch.
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Work together (or against each other) to deliver packages to customers using a variety of vehicles and odd machines.
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83%: Needs more spark crystals.
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A look at the work of some of the members of the guest artists team.
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75%: Operencia: The Stolen Sun is a shimmering dungeon crawler swathed with grid-based goodness.
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Two teams fight to run a neutral flag into their opponent's endzone.
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Operencia is a fantasy world inspired by a faraway land referenced in countless Central European folktales.
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Adventure as a brave young paddle traversing a variety of treacherous dungeons.
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97%: Blasphemous is a gothic horror masterpiece that can't be missed.
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Sixteen NBA players will compete head to head in a tournament where seeds are based on their 2K Ratings. Every player can choose eight teams to play with during the tournament, but they can only use each team once.
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Due to his cold and decisive demeanor, there has never been a task he was unable to see through to the end. Past his stoic expression lies a man who cares deeply about his younger brother and sister - willing to drop everything just to make sure they're safe from danger.
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Enlist as members of Task Force 141 and Tier 1 Operatives in a breathtaking series of missions to save the world from destruction.
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The Hero meets an explorer that is searching for the mythical kingdom of Atlantis, and together they set out on a journey across the western Mediterranean. They will search for the legendary Diary of Herakles, rumored to be in the Phoenician City of Gadir, but their journey will take them beyond the edges of the known world.
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Command the burning skies of the 41st millennium.
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A look at what Super Mega Baseball 3 is all about.
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Descend into the Dark Heart of Skyrim and defend Tamriel against a new supernatural threat.
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80%: Even if it does not reach the heights of its predecessor, the RE3 remake is a grandiose title worth its modest six-hour-or-so playtime.
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84%: Experimenter vs. experimentees: will you work as the Survivors or crush the resistance as the Mastermind with one fell swoop of a Mr. X spawn?
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80%: Even though the remake of RE3 trips a little during Jill's last escape, the game is still a fine retelling of a classic.
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Enter the fantasy world of Estoria and experience the emotional journey of Izzy, a young writer using creativity and her journal to deal with the adventures of life.
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Beyond the Dark Portal, the shattered world of Outland awaits. Join Illidan Stormrage and his army of Demon Hunters in a fight to take back their world.
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Jill Valentine's escape from Raccoon City is fraught with danger, but she still has some dependable allies to rely on - as well as some enemies to watch out for.
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Naruto (Hokage) joins the game with Season Pass 2.
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Haohmaru joins the fight armed with his Fugudoku.
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