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Learn more about the Resident Evil's heroes and villains, and the overpowering Nemesis.
Nemesis Trailer preview image
see new enemies like the Marauder and the Gladiator, new glory kills, and the devastating power of the Crucible weapon.
Official Trailer 2 preview image
Cut that annoying cord coming out of the top of your Switch.
Genki Bluetooth Adaptor (Switch) hero shot
The development team discusses the unique story the team has developed, with roots in the core concepts from the iconic universe.
BTS 3 - Story preview image
Collect Soul Emblems and then use them to build up the Community Board.
Soul Emblems Overview preview image
The disappearance of Detective Ito Ayami's partner isn't the only unsettling occurrence plaguing Japan's capital city. Strange symbols and a mysterious masked figure have popped up all over its many districts.
Launch Trailer preview image
Two new playable allied races are waiting to be part of the Horde and Alliance.
Mechagnome and Vulpera Tutorial preview image
17 new cards, 3 new Battle Modules, and new illustrations, effects, and backgrounds for card creation.
Free Update #5 Trailer preview image
Fight for dominance in the Three Kingdoms period.
Opening Trailer preview image
A look at unit customization and progression, and the game's Job system.
Peer Into the Crystal #2 Trailer preview image
The League of E.V.I.L. and the League of Explorers take to the skies in a battle between blimps, magic carpets, and rocket-powered mechs.
Galakrond's Awakening Cinematic Trailer preview image
Kick off the decade in style.
Grand Soiree Arcade Event Trailer preview image
Introducing Kevin, heir to the throne of the Beast Kingdom of Ferolia, and Charlotte, granddaughter to Wendel's Priest of Light, a curious, superstitious scaredy-cat on a mission to protect her friend.
Character Spotlight Trailer: Charlotte & Kevin preview image
The developers reflect on the series' origins.
Dev Diary - Rock Solid Foundations preview image
Trials Rising Season 4, Expedition to the North Pole, adds a new Polar Expedition track pack featuring five new tracks, a new Scarab bike, and new customization items.
Polar Tracks and Scarab Bike Gameplay preview image
Control how your favorite characters progress.
Character Progression Trailer preview image
A squad of British soldiers who have crash-landed behind enemy lines in an alternate-history WWII.
Story Trailer preview image
On the outskirts of Jericho City, enter the VBS Krakow, a massive decommissioned aircraft carrier retrofitted as a retreat for the rich and famous.
The Kraken Teaser Trailer preview image
Use space-saving furniture to create a tiny home.
Tiny Living Trailer preview image
Supercross athlete Adam Enticknap,7deucedeuce, presents Be One of Us.
Music Video Trailer preview image
88%: Set your Switch to full sail.
Assassin's Creed: The Rebel Collection review screenshot
80%: The battle for dominance between the undead and leafy green continues.
Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville review screenshot
80%: The first entry in the folktale simulator genre.
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine review screenshot
Discontent surrounds Emperor Liang as he deals with an administrative power-struggle as well as the ravaging Yellow Turban tribes who threaten his dynasty.
Mandate of Heaven Reveal Trailer preview image
Take a walk down the terrifying halls of the Ashmann Inn.
Home for the Holidays Trailer preview image