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Hands-on at E3 2018 with Destiny 2's upcoming PvE/PvP hybrid mode that will be coming to the game with the Forsaken expansion.
Destiny 2 - Gambit mode hands-on hero shot
The ABCs of happiness are Always Be Cheerful.
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A visit to the game's real-life locations in Yokosuka, Japan.
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Eight travelers. Eight adventures. Eight roles to play.
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You are Nyx, an old warrior who has embarked on a dangerous journey with his daughter, Aether, an indigo child who radiates luminescence
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The lighter side of multiplayer.
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100 tiers with over 100 rewards.
Season 5 Battle PassTrailer preview image
A viking ship, desert outpost, and ancient statues have appeared on the island.
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The 5 heroes have returned to take on an even greater threat during the End Times - the combined forces of the cowardly Skaven army and the barbaric Chaos faction.
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Upon receiving a missive from an isle of worshipers to the god of entropy and disaster, Beast of Winter takes the Watcher and his crew to the southernmost reaches of the Deadfire Archipelago.
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The Scarlet Devil, Remilia Scarlet, is 500 years old and is desperately searching for something new to end the monotony of immortality.
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Many sanctimonious warriors came looking to solve the mystery of the Temple and to find their salvation, guided by the chant-like moths to a divine light.
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Continue the fight as an Ark Hunter.
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Mars uses Mineral magic to take down his foes from afar and healing magic to protect his own.
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The Flame Hollow envelops Fury in a brilliant orange blaze, and arms her with two deadly burning flails.
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Nick Rye is teleported to a hostile planet to help his buddy Hurk thwart an alien invasion of Earth.
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The Empire invaded Alfheim, but Astoria has managed to hold its ground. It's up to Yuma Ilvern, the boy with the soul of the Shining Dragon, and his companions to fight back against the empire and protect Alfheim.
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The Full Moon update includes Skyrim Theme Operator, The Evil Within Theme Operator, Striped Top Hat Mimic, Bamboo Hat Mimic, Engraved Silenced Pistol, Engraved Shotgun, Engraved G.L.O.O. Cannon, and Engraved Wrench.
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A mysterious storm has left Dracula, Mavis, and the gang washed up on the legendary Lost Islands.
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Follow the journey of the elder dragons as they begin their once a decade migration across the sea to a land known as the New World in an event referred to by inhabitants as the Elder Crossing.
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Enter the war between Ghouls and Investigators and fight for either side.
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If you enjoyed Prey, Mooncrash is definitely worth a try.
Prey: Mooncrash (DLC) hero shot
Warmind is an improvement over Curse of Osiris, but Destiny 2 gamers will have to wait a little longer for an expansion to really get excited about.
Destiny 2: Warmind (DLC) hero shot
Ten minutes of naval battle action from the E3 demo of Assassin's Creed Odyssey.
E3 2018 Naval Battle Gameplay preview image
Gameplay video from the Trials Rising demo at E3 2018.
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