Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition Separate Ways Treasure

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Resident Evil 4

Separate Ways Treasure FAQ

System:     Playstation 2, Wii
Written by: Berserker (aka. berserker_kev or Kevin)
Started:    December 3, 2005

This document Copyright 2005 Kevin Hall (Berserker)

Resident Evil 4 (c) CAPCOM Co. LTD. 2005 (c) CAPCOM USA INC.

Version History

Version 1.0 - (December 13, 2005) - Document is complete.

Version 1.1 - (August 20, 2007) - Slightly updated in some areas.  Also, 
please see my new full Resident Evil 4 guide now up on the gaming sites 
(GameFAQs, IGN, etc.)!






     A: Contact Info


* Section I - INTRODUCTION *

This FAQ is designed to help you find all the hidden treasures and money in 
the five "Separate Ways" chapters of Resident Evil 4.  My focus is to get you 
that Chicago Typewriter quicker.

If this is your first time playing the Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways chapters 
then please be aware that this FAQ does contain SPOILERS (boss names).  This 
guide is designed with the idea that you have played through the Separate Ways 
mini-game once and are familiar with the many of the areas.  Please be sure to 
check out my Treasure/Money FAQ for the main game (Leon's game) of RE4 as 
well.  I had considered adding this to that FAQ, but thought it would be a bit 
confusing since some of Ada's key items are actually Leon's treasure items.

Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, advice, and suggestions 
or if you find a treasure that I have missed.  My email address is



Below is a list of all the valuable items and treasures that can be found in 
the Separate Ways mini-game.  Not all of these are actual treasures, but they 
do have a high value when selling to the merchant, and can be found in certain 
locations in the mini-game.  I went ahead and added all of Ada's weapons even 
though you have to buy some from the merchant.  You might have to sell some of 
your old weapons to make room for the special weapon anyway.  Remember that 
some of the treasures from Leon's game are actually considered key items to 
solve puzzles in Ada's game.

Treasure/Valuable Item List with Selling Amounts

(Items in the tables can be combined)

* Beerstein (3,000 PTAS)            *
* Red Catseye (3,000 PTAS)          *
*                                   *
* Green Catseye (3,000 PTAS)        *
*                                   *
* Yellow Catseye (3,000 PTAS)       *
* Beerstein w/(G,Y,R) (20,000 PTAS) *

Blacktail (12,300 PTAS) (-50 PTAS per shot fired)

Brass Pocket Watch (10,000 PTAS)

Bowgun (35,000 PTAS) (worth the same amount when empty)

Bowgun Bolts (2,500 PTAS per bolt) (each pickup has three bolts most of the 

* Butterfly Lamp (4,500 PTAS)            *
* Green Eye (1,000 PTAS)                 *
*                                        *
* Red Eye (1,500 PTAS)                   *
*                                        *
* Blue Eye (3,000 PTAS)                  *
* Butterfly Lamp w/(R,G,B) (32,000 PTAS) *

Dirty Brass Pocket Watch (1,000 PTAS)

Elegant Chessboard (13,000 PTAS)

* Elegant Mask (3,000 PTAS)            *
* Green Gem (3,000 PTAS)               *
*                                      *
* Red Gem (3,000 PTAS)                 *
*                                      *
* Purple Gem (3,000 PTAS)              *
* Elegant Mask w/(R,G,P) (20,000 PTAS) *

Elegant Perfume Bottle (10,000 PTAS)

Gold Bangle (8,500 PTAS)

Gold Bangle w/Pearls (10,000 PTAS)

Gold Chicken Egg (3,000 PTAS)

* Golden Lynx (15,000 PTAS)            *
* Red Stone of Faith (3,500 PTAS)      *
*                                      *
* Green Stone of Judgment (3,500 PTAS) *
*                                      *
* Blue Stone of Treason (3,500 PTAS)   *
* Golden Lynx w/(R,G,B) (35,000 PTAS)  *

Ruby (10,000 PTAS)

Shotgun w/full ammo (10,720 PTAS) (-120 PTAS per shot fired)

Spinel (2,000 PTAS)

TMP (6,400 PTAS) (-20 PTAS per shot fired)

Velvet Blue (2,500 PTAS)

Yellow Herb (3,000 PTAS)

Yellow and Green Herb Mixture (4,500 PTAS)

Yellow and Red Herb Mixture (5,000 PTAS)

Yellow, Green, and Red Herb Mixture (10,000 PTAS)



I do not list the pesetas that you find in breakable object, because they are 
usually random amounts that will vary for each playthrough.  Some of the 
peseta pickups lying around and in cabinets are random while some are fixed.  
If you happen to find a different amount than the one I have listed, then 
please email me so I can change it.  Random peseta pickups are marked with 
"?".  Some of the items in the various cabinets are random as well.  There is 
a checklist in parentheses below each area that highlights all the treasures 
in that area.  The items surrounded with "** **" are treasures listed on the 
treasure map.

Since Separate Ways is kind of dry on treasures I have listed the locations 
for Yellow Herbs and Bowgun Bolt ammo.  While I wouldn't really recommend 
selling Bowgun ammo often, it is worth 2,500 PTAS per bolt, so it will help 
you build pesetas pretty quickly.

Chapter 1

-- Pueblo Village --

* For this area, you can stay and shoot villagers for as long as you want.  
There is an endless onslaught of them.  You may reach a point to where they 
seem to stop coming, but soon another wave will arrive from nowhere.  Stay and 
kill to your heart's content...or at least long enough to collect all the 
valuable treasures.  Once the insignia door is entered, there is no going 

Elegant Mask - On a bed behind a padlocked door, inside the house that is 
across from the house containing Leon's shotgun (same house where the insignia 
key appears on the roof).

Spinel - (1) On the roof of the house that contains Leon's shotgun.  Bust 
through the second story window on the right after coming up the stairs, and 
make your way to the other side of the roof. (2) At the west exit of Pueblo 
Village, to the right near the door. (3) At the northeast exit to Pueblo 
Village, to the left near the door.

Yellow Herb - In the box, behind the stable.

1,000 PTAS - Upstairs in the house with Leon's shotgun, on a table.

(** Elegant Mask x 1 **, Spinel x 3, Yellow Herb x 1, 1,000 PTAS)

-- Secret Tunnel (Under Insignia House) --

Green Gem - Inside the box in the middle of the tunnel.

(** Green Gem x 1 **)

-- Churchyard --

* Make sure to get the items in the first two bird's nests in the first few 
trees and the one in front of the church.  There is another bird's nest in a 
tree in front of the church that contains a green herb also.

Extra PTAS - Shoot the three crows on the gravestones.

Red Gem - Lying on top of the middle gravestone in the graveyard.

Yellow Herb - Inside the small building on a box lying on the shelf.

3,000 PTAS - Kill the chainsaw lady at the end of the bridge.

(** Red Gem x 1 **, Yellow Herb x 1, 3,000 PTAS)

-- Church --

Purple Gem - As you enter, it is to the right, on the floor next to the 
window.  The wall sticks out a bit to slightly conceal it.

(** Purple Gem x 1 **)


Chapter 2

-- Chief Mendez's House --

* Make sure to go to the area on the west side of Mendez's House for some 
extra pickups and treasures.  You cannot backtrack to this area on your second 
trip to the house.

1,000 PTAS - Inside the wooden closet beside the merchant.

2,000 PTAS - Inside the cabinet below the Saddler picture in the second floor 

Gold Chicken Egg - Inside the oven downstairs.

250 PTAS - Downstairs inside the cabinet next to the bookcase.

(Gold Chicken Egg x 1, 3,250 PTAS)

-- Path to the Chief's House --

Extra PTAS - Shoot the three crows down the path.

Spinel - Break the box inside the building.

Brass Pocket Watch - Beside the building, above the well.  Shoot the board 
first, then shoot the watch or else it will get dirty.

(** Brass Pocket Watch x 1 **, Spinel x 1) 

-- Path to Pueblo Village --

* Make sure to shoot the two bird's nests in the trees along the path for some 
extra pickups.

Ruby - Kill the chainsaw guy.

(Ruby x 1)

-- Pueblo Village --

* All boxes have respawned from the last chapter.  A few more item pickups are 
added as well.  No new treasures.

-- Farm --

Spinel - (1) Above the well, next to the small building with the typewriter.  
Shoot the board, then shoot the Spinel.  If the Spinel falls into the dirty 
water, Ada will refuse to pick it up. (2) Stand to the right of the front of 
the first barn (face the barn), and use Ada's grappling hook to get to the top 
for this one.

1,000 PTAS - Check the cabinet near the back entrance in the second barn.

Gold Bangle - After climbing up the ladder and hopping out the window of the 
second barn, drop off the area directly ahead (between the wooden boards) and 
break the box to the character's right.  (this is the same place where the 
Beerstein is located in Leon's game)

(** Gold Bangle x 1 **, Spinel x 2, 1,000 PTAS)

-- Booby Trap Path --

Beerstein - Go a little ways past the overhead bridge, next to the remnants of 
a fence off to the left side, and it will give you the option to grapple once 
you turn around.  Once on top of the bridge, the Beerstein will be on your 
left in the barrel.  Please note that you CANNOT grapple up to the bridge on 
the way back if you miss this the first time.

Spinel - (1) Inside the bird's nest in front of the big house where Luis was 
kept.  This is where the Red Gem is located in Leon's game (2) As you are 
facing the outside of the big house, look for the wooden box to the right side 
of the house.

(** Beerstein x 1 **, Spinel x 2)

-- Farm (revisit) --

Spinel - To the left on the raised area of land before you exit the area.

300 PTAS - On the table, right beside the typewriter.

(Spinel x 1, 300 PTAS)

-- Lift Control Area --

Green Catseye - Inside the treasure chest in the back of the tunnel right 
after Ada wakes up.

Yellow Herb - Open the locker to the left once you walk inside the control 
room (this will be to the merchant's right).

(** Green Catseye x 1 **, Yellow Herb x 1)

-- Path to the Barn --

Red Catseye - Outside the barn on the right.

Yellow Herb - Outside the barn on the right.

(** Red Catseye x 1 **, Yellow Herb x 1)

-- Village Exit --

Spinel - Lying on the ground next to the gates that lead to Salazar's castle.

1,000 PTAS - Lying on top of the trash can in the building with the 

(Spinel x 1, 1,000 PTAS)

-- Right (El Gigante) Path --

Yellow Catseye - Just a little ways past the wooden entrance there is a 
grapple point that will lead you to this and a First Aid Spray that are inside 
barrels.  There is also another grapple point to the left of this one further 
down the path.

Spinel - On the ground right before you get to the group of small buildings.

10,000 PTAS - Kill El Gigante.

(** Yellow Catseye x 1 **, Spinel x 1, 10,000 PTAS)


Chapter 3

-- Garden Maze --

(the directions start from the beginning of this maze (where Ada starts))

Bowgun Bolts - On the fountain behind the merchant.

3,000 PTAS - (1) Kill the first red monk. (turn right before going over the 
first bridge) (2) Kill the second red monk (go across the first bridge and 
turn left to eventually meet him). (3) Kill the third red monk. (Go across the 
first bridge, and turn right.  When you reach the cage, go down the path 
straight ahead and take the second right, followed by another right, and 
another immediate right.) (4) Kill the fourth red monk (Go across the first 
bridge, and turn right.  When you reach the cage, go down the path straight 
ahead and take the second right, followed by another right.  Follow the path, 
and then take a left at the split to find him). (5) Kill the fifth red monk 
(he will be guarding the doors at the beginning (or end for Ada) of the maze).

Yellow Herb - Go across the first bridge, and turn right.  When you reach the 
cage, go down the path straight ahead and take the third right.

Gold Bangle w/Pearls - Go across the first bridge, and turn right.  When you 
reach the cage go down the path straight ahead and take the second right, 
followed by a left.  Go up the bridge to get the treasure.

(** Gold Bangle w/Pearls **, Yellow Herb x 1, Bowgun Bolts x 1, 15,000 PTAS)

-- Second Castle Exterior --

* Check the door to the locked room, then move back and grapple to the top 
window on the side.  You must check the door first to get the grapple icon.

Yellow Herb - Inside the second small left chest to the left in the locked 

3,000 PTAS - Kill the red monk in the locked room.

(Yellow Herb x 1, 3,000 PTAS) 

-- Dark Hall --

3,000 PTAS - (1) Kill the first red monk (He may come though the blue door 
after you). (2) Kill the second red monk in the back of the hall.

(6,000 PTAS)

-- Storage Room --

150 PTAS - Open the cabinet across from the merchant.

(150 PTAS)

-- Dining Room --

3,000 PTAS - Kill the red monk in the hall.

(3,000 PTAS)

-- Bedroom --

Elegant Perfume Bottle - Walk to either side of the bed and look up on the 
ceiling above the bed.  Shoot the bottle hanging overhead.  A Spinel was here 
in Leon's game.

Bowgun Bolts - In the room to the right of the bed, inside the wooden closet 
on the far wall.

(** Elegant Perfume Bottle x 1 **, Bowgun Bolts)

-- Cage Trap Room --

Ruby - Kill the Garrador.

Bowgun Bolts - Check the hall with the painting off to the side - this is the 
painting with the winglass that Leon shoots in his game.  They will be on the 
floor at the end near the counter (other side of the counter).

(Ruby x 1, Bowgun Bolts x 1)

-- Double-Sided Room --

Elegant Chessboard - Jump to the bottom floor and look behind the last pillar 
that holds up the narrow bridge.

(all the rest of this is in the next hall past the door at the end of the 

Spinel - Break the pot on the table off to the right in the hall up the 

* Shoot the Flash Grenade on the ceiling of the alcove where the merchant is 
usually at in Leon's game - not a treasure, but it is very well hidden.

(** Elegant Chessboard x 1 **, Spinel x 1)

-- Second Floor Walkway --

* All the pots in this room do not contain items, so it is worthless to break 

Chapter 4

-- Tunnel --

Velvet Blue - On the concrete as you exit from the storage room back into the 

* When exiting the storage room, look to the right and grapple up to the 
pipes.  BE SURE to watch for the big soldier in the pipe.  The pipe will lead 
you to:  

Yellow Herb - As you land from the drop-off look behind you.

Golden Lynx - Through the door of the room you fall to.

Bowgun Bolts - On the box across from the Lynx.  This is your way out.  Climb 
the box then climb the next box to get back over the destroyed truck.

(** Golden Lynx x 1 **, Velvet Blue x 1, Yellow Herb x 1, Bowgun Bolts x 1)

-- Battleship Hangar --

* For this part, DO NOT go after the items until you have taken down the chain 
guns and rocket launchers on the battleship during both waves of them.

Bowgun Bolts - Lying on one of the boxes in the back of some large metal 
crates in front of the ladder.  There is a small opening to the right that 
will lead to this box.

Velvet Blue - When you go up the ladder, it will be in the back of the metal 
walkway next to the breakable wooden boxes.

(Velvet Blue x 1, Bowgun Bolts x 1)

-- Platforms (after battleship sinks) --

Bowgun Bolts - In the treasure chest on the boxes to the right.

(Bowgun Bolts x 1)

-- Industrial Area --

Velvet Blue - After the first drop-off, it will be below the catwalk (that Ada 
can grapple to) on a box.

Green Stone of Judgment - After getting the Velvet Blue, grapple onto the 
above catwalk and climb the ladder.  It will be up the stairs to the right on 
the boxes.

Yellow Herb - At the next small drop-off after the above, it will be next to 
some boxes across from the locked door.

(** Green Stone of Judgment **, Velvet Blue x 1, Yellow Herb x 1)

-- Dark Altar Room --

* Don't venture over to the furnace room just yet.  Make sure to backtrack 
through the double doors for some extra pickups.

Bowgun Bolts - To the left of the stairs.

(Bowgun Bolts x 1)

-- Room with Cages --

Red Stone of Faith - Inside the metal case.

Bowgun Bolts - In the left cabinet in the back.  The other cabinet has a 

(** Red Stone of Faith x 1 **, Bowgun Bolts x 1)

-- Wreckage --

Yellow Herb - In the room with the wrecked bulldozer, to the right as you 

(Yellow Herb x 1)

-- Boiler Room --

Blue Stone of Treason - Shoot the windows up above as you go down the first 
set of stairs.  Look up.  It's in the middle section.

1,100 PTAS - Check the locker in the upstairs office.

(** Blue Stone of Treason x 1 **, 1,100 PTAS)


-- Catwalk Area (Leon and Krauser fight) --

Velvet Blue - Beyond the grapple point.  Make sure to get this before 

(Velvet Blue x 1)

Chapter 5

-- Soldier Ganado Camp --

Velvet Blue - (1) In the breakable wooden barrel, next to the grapple point at 
the beginning. (2) After the Ganado fire trap building, go down the stairs and 
drop off to the area with the tents and it will be in the left tent.

Bowgun Bolts - (1) On top of the area where the first chain gun guy (JJ) jumps 
down from.  Grapple up to it. (2) Across from the left switch near the end.

Blue Eye - On top of the area where the first chain gun guy (JJ) jumps down 
from.  Grapple to it.  It will be inside of a barrel on the left.  You will 
have to look for the "Take" option while next to the barrel since the treasure 
is basically invisible.  Very well hidden.  It can be seen if you aim downward 
and look inside the barrel.

Yellow Herb - (1) Next to the bridge and across from a ladder. (2) Across from 
the tents described in the second Velvet Blue location.

4,000 PTAS - (1) Beat the chain gun guy (JJ) guarding the right switch of the 
main gate. (2) Beat the chain gun guy (JJ) guarding the left switch of the 
main gate.

(** Blue Eye x 1 **, Velvet Blue x 2, Bowgun Bolts x 2, Yellow Herb x 2, 8,000 

-- Entrance to the Island Ruins --

Yellow Herb - In the barrel down the blocked off entrance.

Red Eye - On top of the first pillar (look up and shoot it) down the path that 
leads to the exit.

(** Red Eye x 1 **, Yellow Herb x 1)

-- Island Ruins --

Bowgun Bolts - On the pedestal behind the ladder.

(Bowgun Bolts x 1)

-- Island Prison --

Yellow Herb - Check in the back of the hidden hallway across from the 
merchant.  The entrance is to the right of the entrance to the cells.

Green Eye - Inside the second cell to the right.

(** Green Eye x 1 **, Yellow Herb x 1)

-- In front of the Lab (Krauser Fight) --

* There are tons of ammo and health pickups on each platform.  Make sure to 
collect all the items on each one before wearing down Krauser since Ada will 
immediately grapple to the next platform when Krauser jumps away.

Bowgun Bolts - Along with the other pickups after the first grapple.

(Bowgun Bolts x 1)

-- Exterior of Saddler's Laboratory --

Butterfly Lamp - Around the left corner, directly after grappling from the 
Krauser fight.

(** Butterfly Lamp x 1 **)


-- Saddler's Laboratory (Saddler Fight) --

* There are tons of items spread around the room for this fight.  Be sure to 
drop to the bottom floor and collect them all.

Bowgun Bolts - Run straight ahead from the starting place and they will be 
waiting on a box.

(Bowgun Bolts x 1)




This document Copyright 2005 Kevin Hall (Berserker)

Resident Evil 4 (c) CAPCOM Co. LTD. 2005 (c) CAPCOM USA INC.

This document is for private and personal use only!

Do not try to sell this document for profit! This is a free document and 
should remain free.

Do not try to reproduce this document in any way, shape, or form.

If you want to use this document on your site then contact me at and ask for permission.  Do not post this guide up on 
your website without permission.  If you do, I will find you, tie you up, put 
on my S.T.A.R.S. cap, and recite one-liners from all the RE titles until I 
reach "Hasta luego!" and then shoot the red barrel beside you and watch as you 
burst into flames for your crime.


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- my parents.

- Shinji Mikami and staff for totally reinventing the Resident Evil series and 
re-releasing it with some great extras on PS2.

- Capcom.

- IGN FAQs, Neoseeker, and Cheat Happens for hosting this guide.

- you for reading.



I can be reached at my email address, which is > <, so 
please contact me if you have any questions, comments, etc.  I don't mind 
receiving emails at all.  All I ask is for you to try to make the email 
decent.  I realize that some people do not speak perfect English or cannot 
type that well, so that doesn't really matter to me, but all that I ask is 
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- Berserker



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