The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64
FAQ/Walkthrough by Banjo2553

Introduction [Intr]

Welcome to my Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time FAQ.  Sure, it's not fancy 
looking, but this will have all you need about the game.  This'll be the start 
of my Legend of Zelda Guide-a-palooza.  I'll be creating guides and FAQs for 
every Zelda game that's out, including the recently released Twilight Princess. 
Down below is the Table of Contents, and each section will have letters and 
numbers in brackets.  Press Control + F to bring up a window.  Type in the 
bracketed text for the appropriate section to look for what you want.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the first 3D Zelda created, and thus 
many consider it to be the best one.  It may be, but it's all a matter of 
opinion.  Some think A Link to the Past is better.  I personally love Twilight 
Princess, and think it easily surpasses OoT.  In fact, Wind Waker could've 
surpassed OoT had it not been rushed for a Christmas release.  Anyway, Ocarina 
of Time features an expansive world of it's time, taking at least 5 minutes 
without the aid of anything else to cross from one side to another.  It has 
many sidequests and a lot of dungeons and temples; 8 or 9, to be exact.  This 
isn't including mini-dungeons like the Bottom of the Well.  Be prepared to 
spend a lot of hours on this game.

If you have just downloaded Ocarina of Time on the Wii's Virtual Console and am
looking for a good FAQ, then you came to the right place.  I hope that Ocarina
of Time will bring in new people as Zelda fans, like this game did for me, and
this guide can help you through the toughest spots.  I hope you'll enjoy
reading this.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Version History [Vers]
III. Gameplay basics [Gmp]
IV. Game Story [Gmstry]
V. Walkthrough [Wlkthru]
  a. Fairy-less Boy [Wlk1]
  b. Deku Tree Danger [Wlk2]
  c. Journey to Hyrule Castle [Wlk3]
  d. Hyrule Collection Quest 1 [Wlk4]
  e. Gorons and Death Mountain [Wlk5]
  f. Dodongo Trouble [Wlk6]
  g. Hyrule Collection Quest 2 [Wlk7]
  h. The Zora King's Trouble [Wlk8]
  i. Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly [Wlk9]
  j. Hyrule Collection Quest 3 [Wlk10]
  k. The Start of a New Adventure! [Wlk11]
  l. Saria's Secret [Wlk12]
  m. Bottom of the Well and Collection Quest [Wlk13]
  n. Sworn Brothers Reunite! [Wlk14]
  o. Ice Cavern and Collection Quest [Wlk15]
  p. Marriage?  ...Oh crap. [Wlk16]
  q. Shadows Lurk in Kakariko... [Wlk17]
  r. Training and a Massive Desert [Wlk18]
  s. Past and Future Spirits [Wlk19]
  t. The Final Voyage! [Wlk20]
VI. Heart Piece Locations [Hrtpcs]
VII. Upgrade Locations [Upgrd]
VIII. Enemy List [Enemy]
IX. Boss Strategies [Boss]
X. Items and Equipment [Itms]
XI. Magic Bean Plots [Mgic]
XII. Gold Skulltula Locations and Prizes [Skll]
XIII. Great Fairy Fountains [GrtFary]
XIV. Ocarina Songs [Ocrna]
XV. Hylian Loach and Sinking Lure [Hylch]
XVI. Secret Caves [Scrt]
XVII. Credits and Legal Notices [Crdts]

Version History [Vers]
v. 1.0, 12/25/06:
The start of the FAQ.  Covered all of Young Link's dungeons.
v. 2.0, 1/01/07:
Covered Adult Link's Forest Temple.
v. 3.0, 1/05/07:
Covered Bottom of the Well mini-dungeon, Fire Temple, and part of the Water
v. 3.5, 1/20/07:
Did some repairs to the FAQ, such as spelling, and added checkboxes to most of 
the items in their respective lists after the walkthrough.  Also added Item 
Summaries to help understand what you should have after the end of every 
v. 4.0, 1/25/07: Covered the rest of the Water Temple.
v. 5.0, 1/26/07: I covered the Shadow Temple and the Gerudo's Training Ground 
mini-dungeon.  Final update should be it. (Other than minor changes.)
v. 6.0: 2/03/07: Final update, covering all of the Spirit Temple, and Ganon's
COMPLETE: 2/26/07: Submitted the FAQ, added a site to host it in the Legal 
Notices.  Other updates will probably be just tips and tricks, or site hostage.