The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Guide

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess FAQ/walkthrough
By Jonny Humphries
version 1.6
Submitted December 11, 2006

Table of Contents
-Intro [intr]
-Controls [cont]
-General Information [gene]
-Walkthrough [walk]
 -Part 1: Dawn of Darkness [par1]
 -Forest Temple [fore]
 -Part 2: Out of the Twilight, Into the Fire [par2]
 -Goron Mines [goro]
 -Part 3: Mandatory Impossible Water Dungeon [par3]
 -Lakebed Temple [lake]
 -Part 4: Reflection in the Sands [par4]
 -Arbiter's Grounds [arbi]
 -Part 5: Snowboarding and Superb Soup [par5]
 -Snowpeak Ruins [snow]
 -Part 6: Walking on Sacred Ground [par6]
 -Temple of Time [temp]
 -Part 7: City in the Sky- Beautiful, Breezy, UNPLEASANT! [par7]
 -City in the Sky [city]
 -Part 8: Showdown in the Palace of Twilight [par8]
 -Palace of Twilight [pala]
 -Part 9: Hyrule Castle Reclamation: Denouement [par9]
 -Hyrule Castle [hyru]
-Heart Piece List [hear]
-Golden Bug List [gold]
-Hidden Skills List [hidd]
-Version History [vers]
-Copyright Information [copy]
-Contact Information [cont]
-Special Thanks [spec]
-About Me [abou]

Intro [intr]
Hello, everyone! Jonny here! Much has already been written and discussed about 
Twilight Princess. I was excited as any Zelda fanboy/girl about this game, and 
I wasn't disappointed. Hell, that game was a system-seller, and I can see why. 
I now actually like Twilight Princess more than Ocarina of Time. Hence, this 
walkthrough. My first attempt at a guide(for Fire Emblem Path of Radiance for 
the Gamecube) met with pretty good success, so I decided to throw another 
proverbial rock into the fray of online walkthroughs. I would have started 
this way sooner, but I wanted to play through the game at least once so I knew 
what to do already, rather than do it on the first playthrough and constantly 
pause and correct myself. Hopefully, you find it useful. This walkthrough does 
contain what could be CONSIDERED spoilers, but I reveal nothing ahead of time. 
It's best if you watch the cutscenes and then read the walkthrough itself at 
any particular point if you're using it. And as always, I make some comments 
of my own as the story progresses.

So, enough preamble. Enjoy! And one final warning before you continue: this 
FAQ, much like the game it is based on, is aimed towards a teenage(13+) 
audience. Here we go...