Titan Quest Walkthrough

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~~~Table of Contents~~~
I.   Introduction
II.  Version History
III. Walkthrough
IV.  Contact Info.

I. Introduction
This is my second FAQ/Walkthrough I am writing. It probably will suck after
everyone submit a better one than mine, but this is all you got right now so
you can't complain about it.

This game is very much like D2, but with better graphics and a better interface
and controls. The only bad thing about it is the online mode since you can
easily hack the characters. It is a very fun game which I enjoyed and hope you
guys will enjoy too.

II. Version History
Version 1.66 - 7/27/06
I got the rewards in for Greece and Egypt in epic mode. I'll get the Orient
soon. It will be a while before the legendary rewards will be up because I have
a warrior class and it is hard since my resistance is too low so I have to make
another character.

Version 1.00 - 7/24/06
I got all the side quests written up. The rewards are only for normal mode, but
I will put in the rewards for epic and legendary when I get that far.

Version 0.80 - 7/21/2006
This is the entire walkthrough for the game. It is missing some of the side
quests, but I did get all the ones that give attribute points and skill points
as reward so don't worry about it. I'm going to get them all in future updates
and add a lot more stuff so it will be a better FAQ/Walkthrough.