The Sims Makin' Magic Getting Started in Magic

So you want to make some magic? The first step is to make sure that your sim has high logic and mechanical skills. If he or she doesn’t, then get to work. Without at least two or three bars in both skills, you’ll waste a lot of ingredients trying to charge your wand and your spells will often backfire. If you’re looking to increase your mechanical skill, then buy a spinning wheel first. Not only will this help you increase your skill, you’ll make golden thread in the process – a magic ingredient used to create some spells.

Once your sim’s skills are up to par, start out by placing the butter, toadstools, and toad sweat that were included in your mysterious package into the wand charger, add your wand, and then charge it up. This will give you your first spell, toadification. Now look for one of your neighbors, preferably one you don’t like too much anyway. When you select a victim, click on him or her and you’ll see an action that will allow you to cast your spell. If all goes well, you’ll turn him or her into a toad. Avoid the temptation to try out your spell in Magic Town. Magic Town is filled with good spellcasters and you’ll find them reversing your spell and turning you into a toad yourself.

Now you’ll have to pay a visit to Magic Town. You can buy a butter churn to make butter at home, but you’ll need to go to Magic Town to get more toad sweat and toadstools. Before you head to Magic Town you can have a look at your spell book to check out some of the ingredients for another spell or two. Don’t bother with tracking down the ingredients for the spells further back in your book – you’ll have trouble creating these spells until you get better with magic. Also note that your spell book lists both wand spells and charms. You won’t be able to make charms unless you purchase the everafter crafter.

Once in Magic Town you can pick up the ingredients for your spells, which can be accomplished in one of two ways. The first is to track down some of Magic Town’s magical residents and talk to them. They will give you a task to complete and reward you with a magical ingredient if you succeed. The ingredient won’t cost you anything, but then again you may not get what you need. The other method to get ingredients is to buy them, but there’s a catch. Magic vendors don’t take simoleons – they’ll only sell you ingredients in exchange for magicoins.

The easiest way to earn magicoins is to perform for your fellow sims at the magic trick table, side show, and spook show. The payout for each show depends on your rating in a key skill. The magic trick table pays eleven magicoins for a good performance, nine magicoins for a an OK performance, and only five for a bad performance. Good performances require more than six bars of logic skill, while you’ll need at least three for an OK performance.

The side show requires mechanical skill. A mechanical skill rating of eight or more bars results in a good show while you need at least three bars for an OK performance. The payoff for the side show is twenty magicoins for a good performance, eleven for OK, and four for a poor one.

The spook show pays the best of the three, but also has the highest skill requirement. For a good performance you’ll need at least eight bars of logic skill and at least four bars for an OK performance. Good performances pay 25 magicoins, OK pay fifteen, and poor pay four.

Magic Town also has magic arenas where you can duel other wizards for magicoins. The payout depends on the number of round that you win and the logic score of your opponent – the higher the score, the higher the payoff. You can earn up to 40 magicoins after a duel.