StarCraft The Protoss

The Protoss are the most advanced of the StarCraft races. This advantage comes at a price, though, as the Protoss have the most expensive units in the game. You won't win by building an overwhelming force - in fact, you'll quickly run out of resources trying. Instead, good unit management is necessary to exploit the Protoss' advantages and defeat the superior numbers of the Terran and Zerg.

The base unit of the Protoss ground forces is the Zealot. It is by far the most powerful base unit in the game, with three times the firepower of a Terran Marine. However, this power can only be brought to bear in close combat, as Zealots have no ranged or air attack ability. When you send your Zealots out into the fray, make sure you send some air defense with them. A well-protected group of Zealots can do some serious damage to an enemy base.

Next we have the Dragoon. The Dragoon is faster than the Zealot and is able to attack air units as well. However, don't try to use Dragoons as replacements for Zealots - they have a slower rate of fire which makes them vulnerable to swarming enemies. Instead, use a mix of Zealots and Dragoons when you send your units towards the enemy. Dragoons also make an excellent 'rapid response" team for your base defense. Keep a few behind to guard your base and use their speed to quickly move from hotspot to hotspot.

The Reaver is a unique unit which carries no weapons. Instead, it releases drones which move out on their own and cause a large amount of destruction to a cluster if units. Be aware, though, that these drones attack indiscriminately and will take out your own units if they are too close to the target. Reaver's make an excellent addition to a base strike force - use them to take out defensive emplacements such as bunkers. Just be sure to have a few Zealots near by to protect the Reavers.