Portal 2 The Walkthrough

|                                  Portal 2                                   |
|                       Walkthrough By: redapocalypse04                       |
|                  Contact: snapzilla2050@stewiesminions.com                  |
|                                Version: 1.00                                |

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                           ||  Table of Contents  ||
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I. Walkthrough

  Chapter 1: The Courtesy Call______________________[W1]
    Test Chamber 00_________________________________[1.02]
    Test Chamber 01_________________________________[1.03]
    Test Chamber 02_________________________________[1.04]
    Test Chamber 03_________________________________[1.05]
    Test Chamber 05_________________________________[1.06]
    Test Chamber 06_________________________________[1.07]
    Test Chamber 07_________________________________[1.08]

  Chapter 2: The Cold Boot__________________________[W2]
    Test Chamber 01_________________________________[2.01]
    Test Chamber 02_________________________________[2.02]
    Test Chamber 03_________________________________[2.03]
    Test Chamber 04_________________________________[2.04]
    Test Chamber 05_________________________________[2.05]
    Test Chamber 06_________________________________[2.06]
    Test Chamber 07_________________________________[2.07]
    Test Chamber 08_________________________________[2.08]

  Chapter 3: The Return_____________________________[W3]
    Test Chamber 09_________________________________[3.01]
    Test Chamber 10_________________________________[3.02]
    Test Chamber 11_________________________________[3.03]
    Test Chamber 12_________________________________[3.04]
    Test Chamber 13_________________________________[3.05]
    Test Chamber 14_________________________________[3.06]
    Test Chamber 15_________________________________[3.07]
    Test Chamber 16_________________________________[3.08]
    Test Chamber 17_________________________________[3.09]

  Chapter 4: The Surprise___________________________[W4]
    Test Chamber 18_________________________________[4.01]
    Test Chamber 19_________________________________[4.02]
    Test Chamber 20_________________________________[4.03]
    Test Chamber 21_________________________________[4.04]

  Chapter 5: The Escape_____________________________[W5]
    Manufacturing Area______________________________[5.01]
    Neurotoxin Generator____________________________[5.03]

  Chapter 6: The Fall_______________________________[W6]
    The Bottom______________________________________[6.01]
    Control Room____________________________________[6.09]

  Chapter 7: The Reunion____________________________[W7]
    Gel Pump Station________________________________[7.06]

  Chapter 8: The Itch_______________________________[W8]
    Test Chamber 01_________________________________[8.01]
    Test Chamber 01...Again_________________________[8.02]
    Test Chamber 02_________________________________[8.03]
    Test Chamber 03_________________________________[8.04]
    Test Chamber 04_________________________________[8.05]
    Test Chamber 05_________________________________[8.06]
    Test Chamber 06_________________________________[8.07]
    Test Chamber 11_________________________________[8.08]
    Test Chamber 12_________________________________[8.09]
    Test Chamber 15_________________________________[8.10]
    Test Chamber 16_________________________________[8.11]
    Test Chamber 17_________________________________[8.12]

  Chapter 9: The Part Where He Kills You____________[W9]
    Death Trap______________________________________[9.01]
    Test Chamber 75_________________________________[9.02]
    Bomb Transportation_____________________________[9.03]

II. Technical_______________________________________[TECH]

                              ||               ||
                              ||  Walkthrough  ||
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                        | Chapter 1: The Courtesy Call |                   [W1]
                        |                              |
                        | ============================ |

|Tutorial|                                                               [1.01]

You will start the game in a motel room, or what looks like one. Look up and 
down when prompted by the buzzers. Next, go stand in front of the painting to 
the left of the bed and stare at it. After the music goes off, head back to bed
and press X to sleep.

When you wake up again, a LOT of time has passed. Move to the front door to 
let in Wheatley, the round ball with a blue eye. When Wheatley asks you to 
speak, press A to jump. He'll then start moving the motel room, which is a 
lot more portable than it looks. After he slams it through the wall, exit the 
room and stand on the glass ahead.

|Test Chamber 00|                                                        [1.02]

Once the glass breaks you'll be in a room that's identical to the first room 
from Portal 1. Well, this one looks a little neglected. When the orange portal
appears on the wall, step through it. You'll come out of the blue portal 
outside of this glass chamber. Keep going, through the first doorway.

In this room you'll find a big red button on the ground and a cube. Walk up to
the cube and press X to pick it up. Carry it over to the button and press X 
again to drop it on the button. This will open the next door. Mostly. Keep 
going and hop inside the elevator.

|Test Chamber 01|                                                        [1.03]

After you drop down into the testing chamber, an orange portal will appear on 
the wall behind you. You will notice three glass-enclosed chambers ahead. 
Pressing the button outside each one causes a blue portal to appear in the 
appropriate chamber. To start, press the button outside the right chamber. You
need to get in there and take the cube out of it.

Now, hit the button outside the left chamber. Move into it and place the cube
on the big button here. Now hit the final button to open a portal in the 
last chamber so that you can move through the exit door.

|Test Chamber 02|                                                        [1.04]

Move into the chamber and you'll meet back up with Wheatley. Head towards the 
center of the chamber, where the portal gun is supposed to be. The floor will
give way. Once you land, move forward and you'll come across a bunch of wall
drawings. The stairs here lead up to the blue portal gun. Shoot a blue portal
on any white wall here and move through it.

After you move through the ruined offices and drop back down, shoot a portal on
the wall next to you to get across the first gap. Now shoot another portal on 
the wall across the next gap and move back through the orange portal to get by

|Test Chamber 03|                                                        [1.05]

You will immediately notice a big button on the floor and an orange portal to 
the right of it. Move forward and a cube will drop into the pit. Shoot a portal
beneath the cube to make it fall through the orange portal, then put it on 
the button.

Test Chamber 04 follows the same principles, but there are two buttons here and
both of them will have to be pressed to open the exit door. First, go to the 
pit at the back of the room and jump in there. Fire a portal somewhere here and
take the cube with you through it, then place it on a button. Now, fire a 
portal anywhere and move through it so that you're standing on the high 
platform with the orange portal next to it. Fire another portal at the other 
platform so that you can move through the orange portal and pick up the other

Once both buttons have cubes on them, move into the next room. You become 
locked in. Place a portal on the wall in here and move through it. There is an 
orange portal on the ceiling above the room that you'll come out of. The set of
stairs to your right as you progress only lead up to a useless office. Just 
keep going to the elevator.

|Test Chamber 05|                                                        [1.06]

To get into the actual chamber, fire a portal on the floor next to the debris.
You'll come out of the orange portal on the wall panel here. For now, you'll 
need to use the big button on the floor and the smaller button. The small 
button dispenses a cube in the corner of the room. Follow the blue lines to 
see how things are connected. Place a blue portal on the floor below the 
dispenser so that the cube comes out of the orange portal by you. Pick it up 
and place it on the big button to make some stairs come up.

On the next platform you'll see another big button. This opens the exit door, 
so you'll need another cube. There are also two small buttons. The left 
button dispenses a cube and the right button raises a segment of floor at the
end of the lower platform. You need to place a portal on the floor below the
dispenser, just like last time. Unfortunately, the cube will be traveling so 
fast that it will roll off of the edge of the platform and into the water.
About one second after you press the left button, press the right button to 
raise the floor at the edge. This stops the cube from going anywhere. Now you
can place it on the second big button.

|Test Chamber 06|                                                        [1.07]

Place a portal anywhere and walk through it to get to the testing area. You 
will notice that the orange portal is pretty high up, and that there's a deep
pit in the middle of the room. Fire a portal on the floor at the bottom of the
pit and jump into it. Your momentum will carry over as you move through the 
orange portal, flinging you to the exit door.

You need a cube to actually get through the door, however, so find the clear 
box with a hole in it. Shoot a portal through the hole, underneath the cube.
Now retrieve the cube, shoot another portal into the pit, and jump back in. 
Don't worry about the cube not fitting through the portal. You'll still hang 
onto it.

The next room works off the same principles, but this time the pit already has
the orange portal in it. Fire a blue portal on the slanted wall piece to the 
left of the entry door and jump into the pit. Grab the cube and shoot another
portal on the wall on the opposite side of the entry door, facing the exit 
door. Your goal is the other raised platform. Once on it you'll find an area
with a big button in it. Place the cube on the button to open the exit door and
raise some platforms in front of it. Now, make sure the blue portal is aligned
correctly with the platforms and high enough and jump back into the pit to get

|Test Chamber 07|                                                        [1.08]

You'll meet back up with Wheatley in this chamber. Place a portal on the wall
behind him to get over there. He'll detach himself from the rail, so pick him 
up with X and plug him into the socket that comes out of the wall. Turn around
so he can have his privacy and he'll open up a secret wall. Pick him back up,
get on the catwalks, and follow them to the next area.

You will eventually have to move through GLaDOS' ruined chamber. She's still 
there too, albeit in a less active state. Just keep going and you will come
across the breaker room/cylinder. Plug Wheatley in when you get the chance.

After he accidentally wakes up GLaDOS and you fall into the pit, move along 
the rails and wreckage until you come across the complete portal gun. Fire a 
portal on the wall ahead and then fire one on the wall next to you to 
continue on. The rest of this chapter is just firing portals to get around 

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