Super Mario Sunshine The Level Entrances

All level entrances can be found be starting near the main Delphino town center.


Level 1

Look for the Level 1 entrance at the front of the statue in the main square.


Level 2

Level 2 can be found at the pier.  Spray the goo you find there and the entrance will appear.  A hut will also appear where you can cash in blue coins.


Level 3

The Level 3 entrance is hidden by a patch of mud on the side of the lighthouse to the east of your starting point.


Level 4

Once Liquid Mario kidnaps the princess, enter the big cannon to be launched to Level 4.


Level 5

Look to the top of the building behind the statue with the entrance to Level 1.  After Yoshi eats the pineapple enter the red pipe.


Level 6

Look for the beam of sunlight near the boats.  Enter the beam and look into the sun to enter Level 6.


Level 7

Level 7 is entered through a red pipe on the right side of the Shine monument.  You'll need the rocket pack to reach it.