The Witcher Review

There's a bit more strategy involved here than learning to time your attacks. There are multiple attack stances that you can take and some are better against some enemies than other. You can you choose to strike quickly and often, to hit slow but hard, or to swing in wide arcs to keep multiple enemies at bay. Switching between stances is easy because the game will let you pause the battles at any time to choose your stance, drink a potion, of even to simply think about what to do next. You can also use the paused time to select your current spell. A click of the right mouse button during a battle will unleash the currently set spell.

While the game doesn't give you a choice of character type or class, you can customize Geralt to your liking through the game's skill trees. As you level up you'll earn points that can be distributed to trees of fighting and spell skills and physical attributes. If you prefer to be more of a fighter, you'll be able to earn new attacks and combos as you make your way through the fighting skills tree. If you prefer the magical arts, then you can spend points to unlock new and more powerful spells.

The Witcher is thoroughly enjoyable but it's not without some issues, primarily with camera angles and navigation. Plus, the game is rife with long loading screens which detracts from the illusion far too often for a game that creates such a vivid and fascinating world. Still it's highly recommended for any RPG fan who could use a break from leading noble elves against vile orcs.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 90%. If most RPGs were as interesting as The Witcher, I would spend a lot more time playing RPGs.


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